Marvel vs Game Series Broken tier

Like the title indicates, i just want a tier says how much broken is each game, the most Broken game and the Least Broken.

From X-men Cota to the current edition, UMVC3

From most to least:

Xmen vs SF
Marvel Super Heroes

Thanks but can you explain why is X-men vs Sf so high on the list

I miss playing COTA on the Saturn. Best version of Psylocke. Might have to fire it up again sometime.

I like that that MvSF is nowhere in that list. Proof that nobody gives a shit for a Marvel game that ain’t broken.

I dunno, I thought that was the game where Wolverine gained his crouching hardpunch infinite.

Compared to everything else in the other games, that one’s absolutely tame.

You mean this? Its funny also all you have to do is super jump and mash MP with Wolverine and you gain 1 level of super meter every time lol

Wolverine is braindead in that game from my experience.

Gonna be honest: I forgot that existed.


Yeah, Wolvie SJ mash MP for meter is the world’s dumbest battery. For as great as the Vs series can be at times, it can be also be really brain-dead broken at times. Watch high-level XvSF or MvC1 and it’s ridiculous. Still love playing them, but — you can get destroyed if you miss a single block.

From what I remember though, aside from that and whatever Omega Red had, wasn’t it concluded that the rest of the game was pretty tame (or did we just not spend any time with it before moving on to MvC)?

How come XvSF isn’t higher and COTA’s all the way in the bottom?

MvC3 was worse than UMvC3

Wolv in MSH vs SF was top tier, mostly due to he just just super jump mash mp, and build 1 level of meter every time, and there wasnt much you could do to stop him from doing that. Speed up super into infinite was dumb its just hold down HP. You get hit 1 time and your dead.

It’s a shame, I really like Marvel Super Heroes and wish Capcom would do another 1-on-1 Marvel fighter.

I’m surprised Ultimate Marvel 3 is considered more broken than Vanilla.

Vanilla sucked.

No troll, I would like to hear why MvC1 is the most broken.
I ask because it’s my favorite MvC game, played a lot when I was a casual player. I only now about stuff like Chun/Shadow Lady head stomp infinite, Red Venom infinites from grabs, Wolverine retarded stuff, Gambit jab -> short infinite, War Machine stupid easy infinites and Duo Team attack with both War Machines or War Machine + Strider that were retarded.


Yeah, why would MvC1 be higher than XvSF? And why is COTA dead last?