Marvel vs. Street Fighter: the thread

I like this game, but nobody talks about it. So here’s a place to talk about it.

Share what you know, who you like, and what teams you use(d).

Never heard of it unless you are referring to X-Men vs Street Fighter? :confused:

I think he means Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter. :cool:

-few infinites
-several hidden characters ( and almost all are sprite edits :mad: except for Shadow Charlie)
-Wolvie owns that shit

teams I use
-Cyclops/[anyone else]
-double Zangief (Zangief/Mech zangief)
-Blackheart/Shuma Gorath (the freaks team)

Stuff to love
-the announcer in this game is the shit :smiley:
-winning a round using A Crossover Combination = Hilarity (the super’s name, I mean. When you pick Capt America and US Agent, and win a round using a crossover team super, the super’s name comes out as “Star Star” :lol: )

Why play Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter when you could play Marvel vs Capcom 2?

It’s a matter of preference, really.

A few reasons

  • the music is a tad better
    -cheaper (in token price) than MvC2
  • no AHVB
    -almost all the characters are playable (ie not too unbalanced)
    -if you’re playing the Japanese version, you have Norimaro


Wow, is that a rare game? I have never heard of it…
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Vs Capcom 1 & 2
X-Men Vs Street Fighter
Hmm… I have never heard of Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter :frowning:

Are you serious? Dude, where have you been??

I really like this game. I like the Vs. screen right before the match. And I like the anime artwork of the game.

My favorate teams are Spider-man and Akuma and the team of Ryu and Chun-Li!:slight_smile:

BTW: Did this game ever come out for the dreamcast? If not what system did it come out on?

how about cyber akuma? i thought that was a gay idea…

I didnt care do much about Cyber Akuma, it was a lame idea. Why not just use Shin Akuma?

Cyber-Akuma as a playable character is fun though. SO fucking cheap!

Cyber Akuma is the hardest boss of a vs. game yet, sadly. I mean, Abyss, Apocalypse, and Onslaught are all total pushovers. Cyber has two instant 60+% damage supers and is really very fast. Actually, he’s pretty easy too. Just kick him in the head when he jumps and throw him when he teleports. D’oh!

man r u serious marvel vs street fighter is a great game it came out for saturn only though but if any of u guys want it with final burn alpha just hit me up at aim tragic95206 and ill send to u guys with other fighting games like xmen vs street fighter mvc and some other stuff

mvssf came out for ps also. i used to own it.
anyways, this game is too hot. the announcer was the best in a fighting game period, the music on the vs. screen was the tightest, the animation was hot too. thats about it. i love this game though, and whoever hasn’t played it needs too.
i hope capcom makes a compilation so i can get it again. they need to bring the announcer back for a future vs. game. that vs. screen music was too nice, though…

Oh by the way was it in MvS that had the Apocalypse boss? I goota that that is the mpst oddest boss i had foght in any fighting game. Fighting him felt like plating Contra:eek:
And also who was the boss of Xmen vs Street Fighter?

Word. I still have my PSX CD of the game, and it’s all good.

(Cyber Akuma is :lame: design and a hard boss to beat, though)

Ultima-X: Apocalypse is the boss in XvSF. He’s the sub-boss in MvSF, in other words you fight him before you fight Cyber Akuma. :wink:

I hate MSF. A lot. But it’s the only fighting game in my town, so I’m forced to make do. I hate Charlottesville.

Anyway, when I play this game, I usually Wolverine/Blackheart or Cap/USAgent. But the code’s really easy to fuck up, so I get Bison a lot of the time. That makes me sad.

No. It has already been stated in this thread Cyber-Akuma was the boss. Apocalypse was the boss in XvSF.


MvSF had it’s time (shortly before MvC), but it was fun though. Norimaru owns everybody in that game. Teams I normally choose:

Ryu (alternate baby blue gi) and Dan (default pink gi) to have the his and hers gi shoto-kan
Hulk and Anyone- Hulk is way too cheap with easy mode
Charlie and Omega Red- nice combo
Cyclops and any one- it’s just amusing to see Cyclops do his flagrant MP Optic blast and when he summons his partner (“Do it!”).

Actually, I love to team Cyclops with Omega Red. When Cyclops tags out he says “Your turn” and when OR jumps in with the kick he says “My turn!” :smiley: