Marvel Zombies Skins Petition Thread

Make it happen

Normally, I don’t care for threads like these. But this just makes too much sense.

Make it so

then make a cosmic zombie variation with Iron man legs gone haha


I don’t really care for zombies, but more content is always good!

The zombie skins would be cool but I don’t think they really can add those since it might affect the games rating.

I don’t know, man. Recently I saw a Sports Illustrated For Kids issue with some freakin scary zombies on the cover. This on top of all the undead-themed stuff I see on TV passing with a “Y-7” marker. It seems like the censors are going real soft on the whole undead morality issue. I’m confident we can see stuff llike missing limbs, some bone exposure, or other soft gore.

I’m gonna take your word. I don’t live in the US so I don’t have a very clear picture on what they can and can’t show. I’ve just heard that the ratings can really be a pain in the ass for developers to work around and some of the Marvel Zombies stuff is REALLY gory. I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to soften it up a little though…

if they are scared of rating they wouldnt have added nemesis

I voted yes, but they would just remove Magneto’s zombie alternate or some shit.

Fuck you shit fuckers. fuck. I wanted that regal swag.

Fuck zombies. Shit’s been played out since Dawn of the Dead.

Except Nemesis doesn’t have a gory bone in his body… At least not in this game. Marvel Zombies on the other hand really is pretty grim. Iron Man without his legs would be a pretty sick skin though.

Iron Man without legs would look stupid… However, I still support this idea.

I guess they can just give Iron Man a War Machine costume in it’s place :smiley:

shit like this can wait til cable is in the game

I would not support this at all and would in fact want to buy DLC to let me ignore other people’s DLC costumes (just picks the first available alternate colour on my end) were it in.

I dislike it that much. If you want zombies, Nemesis is in the game. Please play him. (I do!)

seriously? what the fuck is with people’s infatuations with zombies? Not even joking, us human are like obsessed with the fact zombies could quite possibly be a reality one day because of human fuck up… now with that being said… I voted yes.

It’s because of the Marvel Zombies comics.

Although that would mean they’d either have to make A) Capcom Zombie skins or B) Capcom…Something Else skins.

which is a amazing read by the way youtube it

or just buy the comic