Marvel Zombies!

Sup guys. I don’t post in thie forum much but I do come in here from time to time to keep up on the comic scene. And yes, I know there is a Marvel thread, but I wanted a thread specifically to talk about Marvel Zombies. If this is a violation (Read the rules thread, didn’t see anything saying ALL Marvel topics MUST be made in the Marvel Thread) than Sano, please move it into the Marvel thread, with my apologies.

That said, I’ve just finished reading the first 2 collected books of the Marvel Zombies series and I must say it’s probably the most fun I’ve had reading a Marvel comic in quite some time. Some questions/gripes:

How exactly did the zombies infect Ghost Rider? Or Cage for that matter? One has unbreakable skin, the other HAS no skin… how does that work?

I didn’t see The Deadpool (one of my current fave Marvel chars) at all, has his status been confirmed?

Has the origin of this zombie virus been confirmed? Is it alien or magical? Does Mephisto (one of my favorite Marvel characters, from back in my rabid Daredevil fan days) have anything to do with it?

I really wish there had been more uninfected heroes fighting the infected. So much fun to be had, instead of just killing nearly everybody off so quickly… Though that was cool as hell in some parts as well. Magneto’s last stand was sick, too bad he took time to monologue…

Silver Surfer/Galactus getting eaten kinda made me go :bluu: :wtf: … the series got kinda wierd after that… Thanos and Death (kinda) showing up made me go “OH SHIT! AWESOME!” too bad…

Is the 3rd book any good? The one where they fight the Army of Darkness? I gotta find that…

Anyway, fun ass series, I hope they flesh out (No pun intended) the story a bit in book 4. Has any of the artists/writers confirmed how long this series will go on for? And did it sell well?

What are your gripes/questions/favorite moments of the series?


The origin of the virus seemed to change multiple times. The Army of Darkness stuff was awful.

The concept doesn’t have enough to sustain it at all, it was kind of a fun read at first but the story itself fits on a napkin. Find, eat, repeat. Once the novelty of heroes being eaten wears off there isn’t much left. And it gets progressively more slapstick and silly.

I did like the crossovers with the Ultimate Fantastic Four though, because that was a very different take. Instead of being goofy the zombies were actually kindof creepy.

No real word about Ghost Rider, but they specifically said they’re talking about him in 3.

Luke Cage was first turned by the Sentry. And the Sentry’s crazy-powerful. Likely powerful enough to gouge open Luke Cage.

Deadpool was shown fighting the Silver Surfer. He’s in Vol. 1 #3 in a frame underneath Gambit getting opened up. He doesn’t say anything and isn’t shown doing anything of note.

Apparently Magneto made a deal with somebody to wipe out humanity, which didn’t pan out like he wanted (obviously). We know that the zombie Sentry was responsible. How he became infected and whether or not he’s from another dimension is unknown.

Allegedly, the original plan for Marvel Zombies 2 was going to be the Punisher leading a small band of humans for X years. This didn’t come to be, obviously.

It’s ok. I liked the more intentionally humorous approach to the series. Though everybody had to die, which removed a good amount of the humor.

Indeed, though, the single best Zombie-related thing was the original Zombie thing in Ultimate Fantastic Four.

Galactic - Seperate Marvel, DC threads and so on are fine so no worries. We already have quite a few. :smile:

The Marvel Zombies books are funny! Joint cracks me up every time a Marvel Zombies related issue comes out! :rofl:

It’s going to be a lot of fun since next time they will come to 616 Earth, I hope Marvel uses this as the excuse to ressurect some of their horror characters like Morbious, Blade (he will be in Captain Britain’s new MI 13 comic though, someone remembered he’s actually British, ROFL!) Dracula, Frankenstien’s monster, now that would be fun. Of course dealing with the regular heroes would be interesting too. Either way, laughs are coming once again! :woot:

Thanks for the synopsis lamewadd. Kinda crappy that Deadpool didn’t get to say anything. I bet it would be great to hear him zip off one-liners while fighting zombies or in turn, eating people. Have you guys been keeping up with Deadpool/Wolverine lately? “Ha… have to hand it to you” had me ROLLING.

Margalis, I actually REALLY enjoyed the two FF’s crossing over. That was pretty damn cool. lol @ “using a strand of hair as a keyboard”.

Sano: What happened to Blade lately? I haven’t read a Blade comic in forever…

I gotta say tho, the parts where they ate Galactus and ended up wearing those gay ass pink suits was pretty whack…


In his last comic book series written by Guggenheim his origin was retconned to make him half white, I don’t know a lot of the details since this is just stuff I talked about with people who read the series, I couldn’t get past the first issue, I love Guggenheim’s work otherwise but… WHOA…

So yeah he’ll show up in Captain Britain’s book, the writer mentioned that they will have a character that everyone has forgotten was originally British. When I heard that I thought of Blade right away lol! I wonder if they will give him his British accent back, hmm… Well 19th Century was a long time ago I suppose…

Marvel Zombies is a fun read so i try not to take it seriously.

Like the part where Zombie FF beat Thor Colossus Storm Strange and Nightcrawler. There’s no way they would’ve lost but they did (much like the fall SS and Galactus) they are unstoppable and thats what makes it so fun. Doesn’t have to make sense just enjoy the ride.

I like how the great Reed Richards helps the Zombie Invasion instead of curing it:rofl:

Speaking of Blade did they ever try to market him when they came out with his movies? I don’t remember anything coming from Marvel making comics or anything.

A few times but nothing ever sticks, the last series went 12 issues before it got cancelled.

Yeah anyone notice how GIMPED Dr. Strange is nowaday? It’s like they nerfed his writers or something. He’s one of the more powerful beings in the Marvel universe, but he get written off as someone who just LOSES to the zombies… while fighting with THOR on his side…

Even in the secret invasion thing Dr Strange looks like a bitch a few times, not being able to help with the plane, getting stabbed, etc.

He’s going through what I like to call Surfer syndrome, where someone who is supposedly incredibly powerful is suffering through ridiculously bad writing and thus, made to appear a lot weaker/dumber than he really is. Originated by, of course, everyone’s COSMICALLY POWERED punching bag, the Silver Surfer.


hmm really that could be interesting but im not too sure.

They also did the tv series which was ok and the cliffhanger ending makes one want more.

That chick in the series ruined it for me, it reminded me of those bad Marvel fanfic’s online brought to television, really pissed me off. The action scenes were cool at least.

Hopefully MI-13 can help Blade get out of this rut, not like he’s ever been A-list material but he is an interesting character nonetheless.

she was a bit sexy to me but i agree i think she wasnt needed at all. They had it right with Blade, and his partner. Then suddenly some random chick is in the show more than the title character.

Yeah, other than that though I enjoyed it. I doubt another season will come out of it, which leaves that cliffhanger odd. I thought they had a direct to DVD movie though, maybe that solves the hanger.

I completely forgot about the Blade series with Sticky Fingaz! Thats right it looked really good but my broke ass had no tv/internet at the time:sad:

i gotta get on that

So how bout them zombies?

What’s the word on future zombie publications after Marvel Zombies II? I’m curious on what happened to them…

Marvel Zombies III is already being written and will be here in September I believe. The Zombies are coming to the regular 616 universe, this IS canonical, and will take place during the Secret Invasion. One major character has been confirmed to die, but they haven’t said who it is yet. Other than that not much to tell.

wtf get outta here, it’s canonical?!? That’s ridiculous! They gotta deal with skrulls AND Galactus-powered zombie versions of themselves now?

Is Cap still dead, maybe he can be zombified, rofl


Lmao, yeah I read an interview on IGN with the creators. They seem hellbent on pushing the blood and guts, and think that would be better over a decent story. Which to the casual readers and Hot Topic 'tardbots is perfectly fine.

One thing I’ve noticed about the marvel zombies is how fast they can devour an entire human being. Even regular non-powered zombies like Hawkeye can kill and eat 5 or 6 people in under an hour.

The Galactus zombies are even worse, but they’re cosmically powered that I guess that would explain it.