Marvelman in 616

Hey good news from comic-con, the big Q has officially bought the rights to marvelman and looking to bring him into 616, anyone else excited?

But they already did that with the Sentry!

Proving ONCE AGAIN just what an absolutely shitty waste of breath character the Sentry is.

Sentry’s problem is Bendis. Keep Marvelman FAAAAAR away from Bendis. I like Bendis but he’s done some crappy things with that character.

I can see Paul Cornell doing good things with him since he did follow up a lot of Alan Moore’s stuff regarding Captain Britain in MI 13. Paul may be too low on the chain for Marvel to give Marvelman to him though.

Yeah, I think the hope in having great Marvelman/Miracleman (Wait, calling him Miracleman is technically illegal, right? God, don’t ban me!) stories is by giving him to guys like that. Paul Cornell writing that stuff could be interesting. Imagine if they got ilke Peter Milligan or something to write Marvelman stories? That’d be something.

I could see Marvel defaulting to JMS, since he essentially wrote a lot of the same stuff in Supreme Power already anyway. That would be the safe conservative choice, I bet.

I just hope it doesn’t go mainstream where he’s teaming up with like Spider-Man and Wolverine or something…that would be less than optimal.

I would buy 10 copies of that. Seriously.

I would not, because Peter Milligan is garbage. I was just joking, I hate him.

…is Judd Winick still DC exclusive?

Wait a second, what’s Chuck Austen been up to lately? :looney:

Now we’re cooking with gas!

Fuck JMS.

Where’s the confirmation that he’s going into the 616. I wanna see proof.

Stop master baiting! Damn Devean George…

It’s something like universal comic book fan speculation.

Marvelman for MVC3! Followed by Alan Moore hanging himself. :rofl:

well, shouldn’t we not present speculation as fact until it happens?

I dunno. Used to be whenever Marvel got their hands on anything they put it into 616. Conan The Barbarian, Godzilla, G.I. Joe and Transformers. Lately they don’t seem to be doing this like with Halo and Stephen King stuff. Marvel from the 70-89 would most def put it in 616. Today, who knows.

Course if they say Marvelman was around all this time then where was he for the last 20 Marvel crossovers? Well it’s the same problem they had with Sentry I guess.

In retrospect, calling someone ‘Marvelman’ and not putting him in the main Marvel Universe, well… I can’t see that happening. If they kept calling him Miracleman, sure. But Marvelman? I’m not saying he will be 90s Wolverine and be on the cover of every comic for one month or be the one to punch Norman Osborn in the face when all of the Dark Reign stuff ends. But to not even play a bit part in some corner of the universe well… That’s just hard for me to imagine.

Nothing’s confirmed of course and anything is possible I guess. Hopefully if Marvel does integrate him in 616 it will be done in a tasteful way.

EDIT: There’s an OOOOLD My Cup O’ Joe entry where JQ was asked something along the lines of if he could use any character in comics to create his ultimate universe than who would he put in there. Of course everyone from Marvel was in there, but he included Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Watchmen and lots of other characters I’m forgetting. Um… WATCHMEN… WHAT? :looney: I don’t recall if Miracleman was in this insane set up he had but it kind of shows you where his head is at. Not that he will put Marvelman in 616 of course. :wonder:

I really prefer the Miracleman logo to the hokey logo he’s sporting in that Quesada print.

The only logical thing to do is keep him out of 616 and let Neil Gaiman have the character. He’s in good standing with Marvel as far as I know, not letting him write this character would be idiotic. He doesn’t need to be in the main universe, you can’t tell me a new Marvelman book written by Gaiman in its own universe wouldn’t sell a billion copies.

Is Marvel allowed to reprint the old series? If so I think an Omnibus is in order there. Give people a chance to read something that most of them could only see through torrents before.

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Not big news but something I guess.

JQ talks about Marvelman being in 616 (well not really) and other things.

***Kiel Phegley: We’ve got an awful lot of questions about the status of Marvelman since Marvel’s acquisition of the character. We know that for now there’s nothing to report with respect to reprinting material that’s already been seen in the U.S., but in terms of the classic character and his place at Marvel, Byzantine echoed a few readers when he asked, “Will we see the character brought into the Earth-616 continuity? Or will he be given his own universe to exist in?”

Joe Quesada: The simple answer to this is that we?ll be making announcements about this in due time. With the acquisition of Marvelman, we inherited a character with not only a long publishing history, but a character that over the years, due to its interesting history, has become a legend in our industry. It?s because of that that we want to take great care and really think through what we?re doing with the character and how we will present him. I know fans are dying to know all the whats and hows as soon as possible, but rushing into those decisions, at the end of the day, won?t serve the character. What I can say is that when we do start to announce our publishing plans, I think longstanding fans of the character will be pleased and fans unfamiliar with the character will be intrigued.***

***Kiel Phegley: hondobrode followed that up, wondering, “How would Marvelman be different than, say, the Sentry? I would think he would most appropriately fit under the MAX imprint, but I imagine that would also limit sales and exposure. Are you going to change his back-story? Can we expect Marvel to purchase any other properties?”

Joe Quesada: All of this will be revealed in good time, hondobrode. We?ve already had some pretty fantastic idea sessions internally here at Marvel about how to go about it all, but there are other cool ideas still on the way that we?re going to be throwing into the mix. Once we?ve gathered all of this, then we?ll start laying a groundwork and foundation for the character and that?s when fandom will get all of the info it?s starving for. I wish I could be more specific, but I think this is better than rushing into things and then hearing that we should have taken our time and thought it through.

Look, folks have waited for decades to see the character return. Heck, most thought he never would. So what?s a bit more time? Especially knowing that it?s finally going to happen!

Kiel Phegley: Finally, with all the praise sent towards Marvelman creator Mick Anglo and his contributions to the original British strips, Steve Bishop wanted to know, “Given that the Marvelman series that ran in Britain during the '50s and '60s was originally printed in black and white, does Marvel have any plans to put out an ‘Essential Marvelman’ series?”

Joe Quesada: Hey there, Steve Bishop. I would say it?s a very safe bet that you?ll see the older material printed. In what form, I couldn?t tell you just yet. This has also been a part of our internal conversations.***

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If he knows what is good for him, he’d just hand that bitch off to whoever Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore tells him to.

Pretty much, with certain properties that are so linked to certain creators, just doing anything with them will result in making a shit load of fans pissed off and not want anything to do with it and the rest to young or stupid to give something outside of their usual box a chance without it being free or a gun to their heads.

Also Sano is absolutely right, keep Bendis FAR away from Marvelman. And keep Loeb even further away, like he can’t be 100 yards near a page featuring Marvelman until it goes to the printers.

Earlier when the news broke out, it was revealed that Marvel acquired the rights to publish the old Mick Anglo stories. Recently they acquired the Alan Moore run. Alan Moore requested that his name be taken off the book, and any royalties he would have received be given instead to Mick Anglo, who is unfortunately aging while having to take care of his ailing wife.

I expect the entire Marvelman series will be republished, and Gaiman will finally get to finish his last arc before capping it off.

Introducing the character into 616 continuity would be a waste since the stories that occur in Moore’s run would be completely irreconcilable with that universe. I’m hoping that Marvel will treat this book like its own Watchmen; a mature, landmark deconstruction of superhero conventions that stands on its own as a single piece, to be kept in perpetual print. I also don’t really see much of a point in continuing the series, but we’ll see.

Mahvelman confirmed for Disney vs Capcom.