Marvelous Super Custom Sticks and Modding Services

Marvelous Super Custom Sticks and Modding Services
I have done sticks for here and there for fun, now that I feel like I’ve perfected my craft. I am ready to offer it to other people out there as well as my modding services.

Modding Services

360->PS3 and PS3->360 dual mod. I charge $80 for that which includes parts.

MC Cthulhu MODS

360->Mc cthulhu + imp2 + RJ-45+ detachable usb cord: $100

PS3->360 + Mc cthulhu + imp2 + RJ-45 + detachable usb cord: $130

I can do TE’s, SE’s, HRAP’s, and even customs, as long as they are common ground.

You pay for all shipping costs. To and fro. You can use any shipping provider you wish to use. If you able to prepay for a return shipping label, that would be great.

Once I receive the stick, most of the time, I will finish the mod the same day and have it shipped back the next day on the basic dual mod PS3 to 360 and 360 to PS3. I will communicate more if it will take more time.

I can do Dual/triple-wireless mods as well. $120 for a dual wireless stick and add $40 more and I can add Wii to make it triple wireless. This price includes boards and parts.

Custom Stick Services
I can do Custom sticks with artwork. I am working with several different artist and Photoshop specialist to create these boxes. Let me know what your preferences are (SLIM stick, tilted stick, button layouts, flat sticks etc.) and I can try to do the job. We are just starting out and have done sticks for fun. Fighting games and art are passions that we enjoy doing. Range is $225+ depending on what you want in a stick. is a small album of our work.

We will soon be coming out with a website.

I accept paypal payments.

contact me either by pm or email:
I am located in Northern California - Vacaville, CA

woot! this is exciting stuff. NorCal FTW! good luck with the sales, man. got a few friends that might be interested on some dual-modding. gonna have to roll thru and come see u one of these days.

Yeah… I just like seeing more presence of a NorCal community! Thanks for the support and luck. Lemme know what they need, I can probably do it! as long as everything is common ground.

Here is some other stuff we can do as well… Custom Midi-controllers for DJ’s and such… There will be more follow-up videos.

A custom stick with L.E.D’s completed.

**First to 50: Kbeast vs Honzo Gonzo. **

Thursday, Nov. 3rd Time: 5pm-ish
Stream @

Featuring sticks by Marvelous Customs.

I will be at Downtown Beatdown in Fairfield, CA for modding/repair services. see thread below for more information on the tournament!

Do you fix the cords on TE sticks? Also would I need to ship to you if I live in Fairfield?

I do fix cords on TE sticks. $35 for USB cord fixes. You can drop off and pick up the next day.

is it the OEM cord or another USB cord?

Sorry so late. I’ve been busy. If the OEM cord is viable, then it’s $25. $35 for another USB cord