Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


Enjoyed Luke Cage, but I felt there were too many convenient plot devices and also Cottonmouth was way better villain than Diamondback. It’s a shame he got offed like that.


Just finished Luke Cage. Overall? Show was mad dope. That soundtrack was godlike. Loved the Method Man shoutout.

Cottonmouth getting wasted so early was my biggest issue with it all. They gave us all this awesome character development for him and then just kind of throw it away. Stryker was kind of a disappointing replacement as an antagonist, but only by comparison. Stokes and Shades probably ended up being my favorites in the cast.

Here’s hoping Daredevil S3 gets an episode where Murdock defends Cage in court. :triumph:

Guess it’s time to start either Jessica Jones or Agents of Shield now…


Skip the first season of AOS, or at least the first 12 or so episodes.


It won’t be in DD Season 3 he defends him, Matt is gonna have to bust his ass out of jail in the first Defenders episode.


I finally finished Luke Cage a day ago and it’s definitely up there on the list of great Marvel series. Not to parrot @“Dangerous J” but I pretty much share all his sentiments.

First and most importantly, THE MUSIC! The music was a fantastic centerpiece to the entire story, whether it was the club performances or the blaxploitation era inspired outro, everytime music was introduced it heightened the whole black experience and the overall vibe.

Misty Knight’s rack is a thing of beauty, it’s a shame her character is way too stiff and surly for any sane man to realistically deal with on a permanent basis.


I was surprised she managed to keep her arm considering what happened to her in the comics with the Antarctic vibranium and such.[/details]

The side characters didn’t feel like paltry centerpieces for Luke to save or rebuff, they all seemed to have their own philosophy that you could relate or at least understand (the hustlin’ kid selling bootlegs and superhero footage for instance).

As for the villains, Cottonmouth was brilliant, Mariah and Shades were respectably conniving and manipulating, and Diamondback was a pure psychopath full of crazy, plus his one-liners and bible verses added some humorous depth to him. All of them had varying degrees of breaking points and underlying motivations. The series’ production definitely had a lot of black names on board for the humor and delivery to be realistic.


I think what most impressed me about their Cottonmouth’s and Mariah’s backstory was how deep they made it, namely, how the Queenpin’s traitorous husband molested Mariah, but was simultaneously trying to spare Cottonmouth a life of crime. They could’ve easily went the cliched route and made him into an irredeemable monster with no good qualities whatsoever, but his approach with each cousin scarred them in different ways. I thought that was masterfully done considering how many non-comic book readers see the genre as simple action and drama.

The pacing of the story was great as well, unlike Jessica Jones, which frustratingly drew things out until I stopped caring near the end; this series kept it engaging and fresh. By making the side characters worthwhile and the flashbacks engaging and relevant, I was never questioning where everything was headed.

My only very, very minor gripes, was…

[details=Spoiler] that the action/ choreography was predictable unlike say the martial arts action in Daredevil, due to Luke Cage being pretty much a god amongst men (which I know couldn’t be helped). Diamondback was mostly a psychological and legal threat, but other than those very limited alien metal bullets nothing made me worry. Luke was pretty much slapping niggas around 90% of the time. I was also really hoping they’d retcon Shades into another powered human who survived the testing, but alas…

I have a feeling some the tech we saw in Luke Cage will spill over into AOS.


That wasn’t mama’s husband, it was her brother in law and uncle to Mariah and cottonmouth


Ah I see, I guess I misunderstood that conversation. lol


Np, they mentioned it during their earlier conversations.

Plus they didn’t address cottonmouth’s parentage.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the uncle was actually cottonmouth’s father, making that scene even more poignant.


It was jarring knowing that Cottonmouth and Mariah were suppose to be the same age. There’s a 20 year age gap between the actors.



reminds me about the fact pretty much everyone got written outta family matter besides the main 4 lol.


that show was so goddamn trash


The casting was actually pretty stable. Judy Winslow got written out (she’s THAT girl who went upstairs and was never seen again), but the other four and Urkel remained for the whole series. Richie got age-advanced, but was there from season 2 till the end. Myra was there for over half the series.

((Show got rerun to death over here.))


judy got written out, the sister got written out, grandma, the wife was borderline written out


Judy was the sister, unless you mean Laura, who got with Urkel.

Richie’s mother was written out eventually, but in all, most of the Winslow family stayed on.


Didn’t Harriette actress get replaced in the last season?


Harriette got replaced by some lightskinned chick. Same shit with Vivian :rofl:


Yah. She wasn’t the only one, but the character was still there.



Sorry, Darc, had to hit Disagree cause looking at that hurt my soul.