Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


Sorry, Darc, had to hit Disagree cause looking at that hurt my soul.



Just finished Luke Cage. As with Jessica Jones, I wasn’t sure how into it I was going to be until a few episodes in.

Shades is the best.


Just watched Captain America Winter Soldier this past weekend. I’m confused about one thing: Why was the ship attacked by pirates? Was it random, or was Hydra behind it? And if Hydra was behind it…why? The information on the ship was SHIELD’s anyways.


I know Pierce said that to Captain America, but since he was the bad guy, I didn’t know if that information was accurate or not. Didn’t know Fury said it at any point.


Elektra showing up in Defenders


Too bad, the character’s poopoo.


heel turn niggas


This is late as fuck but Luke Cage got renewed for a second season


fs, could have used the budget for Punisher lol.


Netflix Iron Fist Trailer…


their saying hip hops gonna play a big part again. i hope they put alot of care like luke cage. wu tang on full blast


They actually went over the Cottonmouth issue in an interview. Essentially Cottonmouth was just supposed to be an expendable baddie and wasn’t supposed to be that Good and they didn’t do a good enough job with Mariah and Shades.


i wonder if they regret killing him after that actor stunted on everybody.


Probably, they admitted there was a fall off after he died.


They should’ve realized how great he was and reconfigured the script to let him live out the season, but alas…


Cottonmouth was excellent. He made the show for the time he was in it.


You could argue this but I would argue that his arc in the show was brilliant and ending in his death the way it did was necessary not only for the show but for the character.

Mariah could not have been sold as a villain without killing him and while I liked Cottonmouth better they obviously needed to universe build yada yada, I think she’ll really shine in S2. Her development into a villain was admittedly interesting watching her operate while embracing it will be even better.

Diamondback I actually didn’t care for at all very one dimensional.


Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that he should’ve died by Mariah’s hands. It just shouldn’t have come midway through the season, especially since Mariah didn’t really buy in until the end of the season anyway and things were more about Diamondback instead.


Mariah is still by far the weakest villian, it can be hard turning a joke character into a serious one for a villian.