Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


Cottonmouth was excellent. He made the show for the time he was in it.


You could argue this but I would argue that his arc in the show was brilliant and ending in his death the way it did was necessary not only for the show but for the character.

Mariah could not have been sold as a villain without killing him and while I liked Cottonmouth better they obviously needed to universe build yada yada, I think she’ll really shine in S2. Her development into a villain was admittedly interesting watching her operate while embracing it will be even better.

Diamondback I actually didn’t care for at all very one dimensional.


Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that he should’ve died by Mariah’s hands. It just shouldn’t have come midway through the season, especially since Mariah didn’t really buy in until the end of the season anyway and things were more about Diamondback instead.


Mariah is still by far the weakest villian, it can be hard turning a joke character into a serious one for a villian.


Diamondback is easily the weakest villain. Show went dropped in quality when he became the lead villain. He was over the top in a setting that didn’t suit it and the execution of his plans were retarded. He’s a supervillain for a show that didn’t need one.


Maybe I’ve known enough old black ladies who play saints but do dirt with out even thinking its dirt but I didn’t think she was a joke and it wasn’t a tough sell for me.


So I get a strong sense of crouching Tiger wire work from the iron fist trailer. Not sure how I feel bout that. I know it’s not gonna be gritty style of dd but I was hoping for something that’s along the lines of what Donnie yens been doin.


Let’s see how the full action scenes play out before making too many judgments.


sooo alot of people on my feed having been asking if this is the same as green arrow. i didnt realize how much the arrow swagger jacked from not only batman but iron fist. batman was never abandoned on an island but chose to be…so many people are confused on my feed why this is so similar to arrow. lol. this is gonna be interesting.


Kun Lun is an island now?


they dont know about that aspect yet. the trailer hits all the arrow main points so to them it must be an island.


You gotta educate those fools, maxx.
Tell them that Arrow copied Batman first, then Fist.


have been. but im only one man…it looks like out of my geek friends im the only one who really knows about iron fist outside of being friends with luke cage.


get hype niggas we got daughters of the dragon


It’s not Daredevil levels but it’s still a good fight scene.


Other than the cool visuals I’m not sold on the trailer and the sneak peak looks wack =/


Damn no faith in iron fist atm lol.


Ya’ll bitch’s
Stop crying and enjoy the Glorious Prince of Flowers Iron Fist.


I get why we needed Diamondback, there was no physical threat to Luke and he served to fill that void. But that’s about where it ends for him as being interesting, tying him as Luke’s brother wasn’t all that great either.

Cottonmouth and Shades were the best villains, Marshala Ali and Theo Rossi both were phenomenal.


The physical threat wasn’t even needed. The internal fight for Harlem was a lot more compelling.