Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


supertroll right now on facebook lol, his nerd rage is pretty much the comic book guy from the simpsons:

Why doesn’t marvel just merge iron fist and cage in heros for hire…and WTF is Jessica getting her own show why not ms marvel instead.

**WTF DC…hour man gets his own TV show but not nightwing. What does dick gotta do to get a fucking live action TV series already.

Seriously DC WTF!**


I wouldn’t mind a Punisher series either, especially if they can get Ray Stevensen back. I was probably the only guy that like Punisher: War Zone


I wish they’d not do separate Luke Cage and Iron Fist shows and just do Heroes For Hire.

I mean, maybe have the first couple of episodes go into their origin stories, maybe flipping between them until they eventually come together.


So I guess after Disney bit the bullet a few months ago and added their animated flicks to Netflix they really we’re probably the ones to push this. Their movies have been in the top viewed since they were introduced. They probably knew that “underground tv buff” and comic reader crowd would eat this up and it’s really low risk. But I hope Bendis has a big say and will approve the writing/casting.

At least no Joe.


how would you wanna play off nightwing? is he part of the batverse or no? supertroll is saying that the flash actor for arrow is goin to be the actor for the movie. so do we establish nightwing as part of the bigger dc film universe?


Punisher War Zone was pretty accurate to Garth Ennis’ Punisher runs, I enjoyed it but I liked the Thomas Jane one more myself. I still think Marvel can do better with that franchise and a television show may be a good way of doing it.

I am pretty damn sure they will have a cross promotion show for Heroes for Hire in the Luke Cage and Iron Fist series to test the waters before jumping the gun. Like Part one in one show, part two in the other. I think they can each hold an individual series well enough to not merge them so soon.


i can see more associated but arrow def has his ties to the league in lady shiva. which is why i felt like this version of arrow resembles more of connor.


Problem with that is you lose their individual mythos. I hate the idea of cramming their origin stories and character development into a few episodes for the sake of a H4H series that could easily come later on.

In the Immortal Iron Fist series alone you get a lot of Kun Lun history, Rand family revelations and the friggin’ IMMORTAL WEAPONS - who you can center an entire 13 episode season around if you wanted.


I want Iron Fist to have his own show. The mythos he was given in Immortal Iron Fist should not be ignored.


Well, if the two series do well, we should get H4H anyway I guess.

Random thought, but i’d throw all of my money at an Iron Fist/H4H game by Platinum.


Does anyone honestly want a Jessica Jones show?

Abc sure as shit didn’t, and I don’t either, not even if the screenwriter from TWILIGHT is developing it lol.


if they don’t use the black Luke Cage you know that the white agenda is actually an alien invasion


Luke Cage is Black He couldn’t be done any other way! Marvel has its head up its ass currently with all of this DC new 52 bullshit. Black Nick Fury just like in the movies, new muslim Ms Marvel, New Characters stealing old Characters personas! God I hate it If you want a Muslim or Black character MAKE A NEW CHARACTER I hate when industries and and writers get lazy. I want a gay Character alright lets fuck off a preexisting character everyone likes YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! No just no make a Goddamn NEW one! Power Man is BLACK POWER MAN IS ALWAYS BLACK!

That being said both series could hold thier own I agree, but one of the coolest things was when both united under a common front Heroes for Hire was awesome if no one read the original and continued run go out and buy it it was a great read. Im glad both Iron Fist and Power Man are getting a bone, I love those characters.


Michale Rosenbaum for Luke Cage


Night wing is about to get killed off so likelihood of him getting his own series is slim. The way agents of shield jumped off I’m just not sure marvel studios has gotten its small. Budget pipeline down enough yet but maybe that’s what this is some practice see what works what doesn’t then maybe they hop back onto prime time with something mid level.


You are implying that Ultimate Nick Fury isn’t the better choice anyways for the big screen.


raises hand

Alias was a great book. It would be easy to translate a book like it for television.


lol you know no one cares about that African nigga…


I’d rather a silly She Hulk show than some super serious girl power detective bs, hell I’d even take a show about spider woman fucking shit up like in that motion comic they made. I like character development but I like super powers too, and her power set is just waaaaay to cookie cutter for me to care about.


Get the damn Terry Crews right now!