Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


why did you edit my words?


No I mean they could have introduced black Nick Fury as an example like so. Original Nick killed off and the rank for becoming director of Shield is Nick Fury or Commander Fury then we would have a whole new character I think that would have been a far better approach to character replacement. Kinda Like M in the James Bond Mythos. New 52 and Marvel trying to capitalize off of the movie popularity by shoddy creation and writing is and always will be my pet peeve. Hate that both companies thanks to the last couple of years of poor direction creatively have more edge now than wolverines claws and Katanas cursed sword combined. Be fucking Original make a new GOD Damn character!For the record I loved old skunk hair Nick Fury whenever he showed up in Punisher or Wolverine or anywhere you knew shit was going to hit the fan I just loved the character and its a shame he’s gone in a stupid creative writing snaffu for lack of a better reason. It all could have been handled better and now Marvel is falling into the DC pitfall of what makes their shit suck. Right as Marvel got a second chance at life and a main stay media interest the likes of which hasn’t been around in a long time for comics probably since Keatons Batman take. I hate the idea of shitting on characters that people still enjoy in order to push a media brand it’s stupid and lazy. They get paid to write and create and instead they call of duty this shit. Show some balls for christ sake and be creative you very well could make something awesome like the next spiderman or batman but no its easier to shit on preexisting Mythos and muddy the waters instead of being actually creative. Its just a bad joke is all.

On a related note Yes Terry Crews needs to Be Luke Cage absolutely!


Terry Crews has the muscle, but is lacking the acting talent. I would prefer someone like Idris Elba or Djimon Honsou.


Also Terry Crews is too old. Need someone younger and more relevant.

Please don’t taze me bro.

Just saying.


Eh, both of them are already in Marvel movies and probably too old for this shit, I expect some no name or small time fellow will wind up getting the part and forced to bulk up if he hadn’t already. The real question is going to be are they going to let the man rock the tiara in a afro and the yellow shirt at any time during this project.

Also, if they kill Nightwing off in the comics, I wouldn’t be surprised if some fan did something stupid at one of their offices because that man Dick Grayson’s fans are loyal and a bit crazed when it comes to the OG Robin.


DC will continue to have a hard time killing off characters like John Stewart and Dick Grayson because their fanbases are dedicated and fierce. They should try to kill something easier like Huntress or Robin…oh wait.

Fuck DC, killing off good characters because your too lazy to use them is shit. That company could be making so much more money with the characters it has but is ran by mouthbreathers.

Also am I the only one who thinks a Luke Cage show has the better shot at getting an audience? Ironfist requires you to buy into a whole lot of strange concepts and I’m not sure how casuals will buy “magic kung fu shit!” as the excuse once they get to the bigger battles and better powers.

Cage might just get that wire audience.


He has enough to play Luke Cage

Get right the fuck out, Terry Crews is damn near a household name celebrity at this point. Everyone knows who he is.

You’re making it seem like he’s been out of public eye for years or is unknown or something.

And what do you mean “younger”? Luke Cage has never been pushed as being young or youthful, dude has looked between 30-40 in most portrayals for a while now.

I don’t care if it’s not Terry, as long as the actor they pick fits the role well.

What i’m wondering is, just how campy/serious will these show be?



What u think of IGN’s picks?


The Rock would be a terrible fit for Luke Cage. I would support Ray Park for Iron Fist


Crews or Billy Brown is fine with me. I wouldn’t mind Rock, but he’d be last on my list


Crews is 95% of people’s first option. But the man himself apparently doesn’t wanna be the character. But maybe since its a show now (a Netflix one at that) he will change his mind.


13 episodes for each show’s first season.


As for casting, it’s going to be a bit tricky.

Whoever is cast for Luke Cage will need to have great chemistry with the talent for both Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. This is why I doubt Crews lands the part - I don’t see him being able to pull off the romantic relationship with Jones. I’d say if he wants it, the roles probably belongs to The Rock if for nothing else than for star power. While it would more than likely be a pay cut, a successful series starring The Rock is going to demand a movie.

I’m not convinced Ray Park can be the front man for a series, though he should definitely be involved in some form. I also don’t like any of IGN’s picks.

So taking everything into account not just talent, but typical Hollywood concerns/patterns and going by some of the ideas from IGN’s articles…

Luke Cage - The Rock
Iron Fist - ???
Jessica Jones - Jennifer Carpenter
Daredevil - Joel Kinneman or Damian Lewis


Barring the reality show which I don’t watch, all his roles are in a comedic context, with little to no serious drama chops needed.

I like Crews as much as the next dude and even helps that he has the look, but I don’t know if the talent is there. And like I said, if Rock wants the gig and can come to a financial agreement w/ Marvel, it’s his - I’m not even going to debate that.


I’d take Brown over Crews and Rock if we’re going from a pure talent standpoint. The issue is can he draw? Wrestling irony put aside Marvel fans are watching regardless of who plays whoever. So are casual folk going to tune in to see Billy Brown? Is he even popular enough in the African-American community to attract that fanbase? As a black dude, I didn’t even know his real name until now. I hate to play that card, but he has to bring something to the table other than a cheaper price tag - regardless how better suited his screen skills are for the role.


terry crews for luke cage is this decades version of lateef crowder for eddy gordo. funny tidbit…lateef was in a stunt group called zero gravity…one of the members actually did some motion cap for eddy.


If Ray Parks can’t be Iron Fist then he should be Steel Serpent. He’s played the lead villain in films before.


Drew Goddard writing the Daredevil series?


Charlie Cox is Daredevil guys. One down, 4 to go. This guy was in random ass flicks and Boardwalk Empire. Can’t really say anything about him. No Michael C. Hall tho :frowning:


I like the old one better.

New one doesn’t seem like a great strategist he just seems like a self important dick who thinks he’s in the Matrix.

Old one seems like he has seen some shit (because he has) and he is all business.