Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


I like the old one better.

New one doesn’t seem like a great strategist he just seems like a self important dick who thinks he’s in the Matrix.

Old one seems like he has seen some shit (because he has) and he is all business.


old but

MJW luke cage, fuck is up?


relevant, and awesome. Thomas Jane Punisher was so underrated…


Unless the black one you’re referring to was the one from the good Avengers cartoon you’re out of your mind.


Black Nick Fury and Old Man Nick Fury have very few differences.

If they replaced Sam Nick in Ultimate, the shows, and the movies with Old Nick Fury, people wouldn’t even be able to tell the differences.

Either that or people would stop bullshitting and blaming the fact that they chose Ultimate Nick to be the appearance being the reason why he wasn’t true to character, when in fact it was the writing and not the character himself.

People always want to point out shit that doesn’t matter because they aren’t the same as they used to be.


Stop acting like a baby.

It’s pathetic.


Everyone shuddup and start talking about how Drew Goddard isn’t writing this anymore :’(


My only issue recently is that Charlie Cox the guy lined up to play Matt Murdock looks too baby faced to play the character in my opinion.


his giant forehead is freaking me out.


I hope he can pull off the Ginge. And yeah even though he is 31 he looks real childish imo. It depends on where this thing picks up but im pretty sure we wont get origins. What do I know, maybe he can look rugged (he is an “actor” and makeup does exist. Plus Matt is at least 6’ so we gotta hit this nigga with platforms.


Vincent D’Onofrio is set to play Wilson Fisk in the Daredevil Series on Netflix…interesting choice.


^He’s a tall guy and has some cold ass stares so I think he could pull it off.


Still convinced Carnahan’s DD would have been the best Marvel movie of all time.


Interesting choice indeed. I enjoyed his work in L&O: Criminal Intent and interested to see how he’ll approach Kingpin.


No Terry Crews.


you late as shit.


What u mean? When was he ever completely off the table. Didnt he not wanna do it then change his mind like twice?


Dudes were talking about it in one of the marvel threads, Crews wanted the role but it went to some other dude to the dismay of everyone.


its been known a while he wasnt doing it. we’ve discussed it in pretty much every marvel related thread and the lounge but this one.


When it comes to these actors they need to go with someone late 20’S early thirties. Relative unknown. I like how they did with Wolverine. Hugh Jackman became that character over the oast decade. Needs to be someone new not spam the Rock or Michael Jai white for a role.