Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


5 new Marvel series on Netflix!

I’m always down for Matt Murdock getting screentime. That casting has me waiting though. Wasn’t Michael C Hall gonna be a prospect for another Daredevil project anyways?


Man, this is a win win for everyone. We get 4 good series that nobody would take a chance on for a movie, netflix gets to stream them so we don’t have to go to the theaters and get nickel and dimed, and if it’s successful then it opens up a whole new avenue for a lower budget super hero projects, kinda of like the huge selection of comics we get weekly. Really hyped to see Iron Fist.


Yeah imagine someone like Hood on the screen?

This could really work out for the street level characters.


Fuckin YES. Luke Cage (please get Terry Crews) and Daredevil. Been waiting for this to happen


I am hyped for Daredevil and Iron Fist.


tyler perry as luke cage prob


probably wont be terry crews since hes on brooklyn 99

whoever does the fights on arrow needs to do iron fist.


We all know how RockB would feel about that…


Where is PUNISHER?!?!?!


This opens the floodgates for these guys to pop up in Avengers 3.


i notice no black panther among this


Black Panther probably getting his own movie, that may be why he’s absent from this line-up


Why would anyone want Black Panther mixed up with a bunch of street level guys? His Hell’s Kitchen run never happened guys.[/denial]

I hope Moon Knight shows up in this at some point.


Terrible line up. It should be Dr. Strange, Hulk, Powerman, and Valkry.


So a bunch of my favorite street level heroes getting shows? To say I am giddy as a school girl is an understatement.

The only thing that would make this better is if Iron Fist and Luke Cage shows eventually merge for…HEROES FOR HIRE!

My life would be complete then. Also we need the Dr. Doom/Luke Cage nonsense in a two-part episode.


aka…you wanna break the fuckin budget.


they’re nerds…they dont know what a budget is…they spend more at a con than a drug addict does in a month.


I hope I get access to this somehow
Netflix isn’t common where I live

So hype for Iron Fist


stream online from netflix.


What does this mean? You only need innanet and a subscription. Netflix isn’t a channel.

Do netflix shows get ripped? Or do people just screen cap episodes? I never seen a pirated Netflix show. Never had to.