Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


need one of you guys to hook me up with the song from that trailer. JJ S2 was super dog dookie so i dont think we need to worry about this show beating it out in the ratings lol.



lmfao…you know you’re white when you dont instantly recognize ante up and wanna punch someone in the grill.


Looking forward to Luke Cage season 2, marvel be killing it with the MCU.


Steven A is in Luke Cage? I think I might have to pass then.



And yeah, looks promising…


Hopefully this time Luke Cage doesn’t kill the actually interesting villain halfway through.


Damn maxx you also know your white because your not innate with coon speech and just wanna know a good song lol wtf.


who the fuck says coon speech? what klan village do you live in?




I knew it would happen eventually but I just can’t stand Bullseye.

He is annoying as hell.



Luke finally hitting that hero dilemma. Once you do a few things, everyone wants you to do everything.


lol dude at the end prob got a powerman shirt on


I didn’t listen to your wisdoms and accidentally watched Jessica Jones Season 2. I will never get that time back.

So incredibly bad. Everybody is awful and does awful things but there are no consequences nor reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Millar was whispering his crazy into people’s ear.

Pls Luke Cage be good again. <3


Lol when that bitch goes ham on the piano :joy:


Ready or not…it’s a new Luke Cage trailer.


pleeeeeeeaaaase don’t suck
pleeeeeeeaaaase don’t suck
pleeeeeeeaaaase don’t suck

I admit I’m stoked they’re slowly burning through The Serpent Society. Hopefully they don’t fuck up “having a good villain/foil” again.


I’m with you fam. The Cottonmouth part of season one was pure fire. Whoever wrote the Diamondback arc should be fired.


Mariah has developed into being quite the villain. Hope she’s on Cottonmouth’s level now.