Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


Early reviews for Luke Cage S2 reveal that it’s just * slightly * better with the overall narrative than S1 but the new villian is kinda weak. Mahershala Ali set the bar pretty high with his stint as Cottonmouth and the closest one I can think of that matches his performance is Vincent D’Onofrio as The Kingpin in DD season 1. Can’t wait for the new season.


Started the first episode, and its already superior to JJ season 2!!


Already a fan of Bushmaster!!
Hype is real!!


lowest possible bar :sob:


That is true!! You cannot get any lower than that!
To be fair, LC Season 2 has been great!!

3 episodes in and Bushmaster’s training, building resources & studying Luke’s frame data!!:joy:


Damn…forgot Luke Cage was out. Debating on whether to start it tonight or just binge it tomorrow morning.


Episode 4: Bushmaster leveled up!! :open_mouth:


Also that opening rap beat for the episode was fire!


I’m liking Bushmaster as a villain. He knows how to get shit done.


Yeah, I’m liking him as well.


I finished the season and I loved

Mariah is a absolute fucking monster. Luke should have let the bitch burn when Bushmaster set free to the brownstone. As the season went on I wanted Luke to let Bushmaster kill the bitch. It was hard for me to think of Bushmaster as a villain after knowing his family history with the Strokes. He was crazy ass nigga but didn’t kill anyone innocent.


Damn son. Luke Cage season 2 is STRONK!!!
The overall narrative is tight and Bushmaster is arguably up there with Cottonmouth imo, music is hype and just a really well done show. Black Panther started it and LC looks set to continue the tradition of strong, black heroes.
Now they need to do another season of The Punisher, just pass over Iron Fist for now lol


Still watching it. Really good so far. Oh yeah, all I have to say is Tilda. Damn she’s fine.


At episode 10 and…OMFG


Just finished. This season was fire. Last season crumbled without Cottonmouth. This was one was strong throughout. The soundtrack was godlike as always. Rakim still got bars.



Yeah, this tops the list of best Netflix Marvel series.

As of now, my top 3 Marvel Netflix shows:

Luke Cage Season 2
The Punisher Season 1
Daredevil Season 1

I need this soundtrack in my life!!

More importantly I need that Episode 4 opening beat!!


Seriously, what is the name of that track.


Luke Cage season 2 was quite something. Bushmaster and Mariah were great villains. Interested to see how future seasons will handle Luke’s new position.


Wahgwan my SRK brethren

Don’t get why they felt the need to go back to the 13 episode format, there was so much filler. This would have been top of my list but some episodes where tedious get through, it should have been 10 eps at most.

Fixed the major negatives of season 1, Luke coming across someone with superior hand to hand combat skills was great, good to see his character doing more than just slapping people. Cottonmouth was and still is the best villain.


bushmaster got upgraded to antihero by the end really.


Yeah I think Season 2 really needed to be around 8 episodes long. It felt like a lot of the time was having characters spin in place and ultimately resolving nothing. And yet the ending still felt abrupt. They didn’t make the best use of the time they were given.

I’ll say Season 2 is far superior to the second half of Season 1, but was still behind the first half of Season 1.


Also, I hadn’t realized that Reg E. Cathey passed away earlier in the year from lung cancer, that came as a bit of a shock when his obituary came up at the end of the season.