Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


Yep, there was definitely killmonger a vibe / comparison. I’m on the second till last episode and have enjoyed it so far. The iron fist team up was good, misty was good (liked her development aka how Misty go her groove back), Mariah just spiraling… seeing pussy whipped shade wake up = great.

Bushmaster was good. His family and friends were done dirty. If only he would of teamed up with Cage to bring down Mariah.


Some of Mariah spiralling felt like I was watching Dave Chappelle’s Rick James sketches, cocaine is a helluva drug.


What difference a season makes, Mariah was so ruthless that she made Shades of all people reconsider his life.


Toys, not screen, buuuut:

Kinda cool. Like the backdrop.


IMO The best of the Netflix season 2 series, (Daredevil season 2 started amazing then fell flat hard) and the only season 2 made that was better than season 1, and made me crave a season 3.

Other people already hit the major points, but I got to talk episode 10. I know Jessica Jones 2 gets a lot of (deserved) hate, but to me Iron Fist is still the shitiest netflix show, and he wasn’t much better in Defenders, ep 10 made me want a Power Man/Iron Fist show sooo bad. Just use that episode as a pilot and I’m completely for it.


Loved season 2 of Luke Cage. I read early reviews that had me worried, but the show had me hooked from beginning to end to force myself to stop so i could sleep for work

And what hasn’t been said about Mariah & Bushmaster? S-Class villains, masterful performances. In sweatin season 3 like a crack fiend

I rank this season up there with Jessica Jones season 1 & Daredevil season 1


Man did you see IGNs review? some fool gave it a 4.5… he obviously got roasted hard in the comments section.


alot of critics were acting like it was shit.


Yep. Its was like i was watchin a totally diff show from what they were watchin. I found this season totally engaging throughout, i havent felt that way since Jessica Jones S1.


Luke Cage Season 2 is my favorite so far, out of all the shows. The character interactions, the villains, watching a gang war unfold, the swagger, the music, the acting, it has it all. Hell, the writers even made Danny a much better character than he’s ever been. Can’t wait for Season 3.


If Alfre Woodard doesn’t win an Emmy then the whole system is fucked.


really liked iron fist in luke cage season 2, he was more chill and made fun of himself. wish he had been in more eps. also some jessica jones crossover would’ve been good too

did NOT like the ending why are they trying to make luke cage into a bad guy?!??!?! how will they do defenders season 2 in that case?!?!?!?

but the villain was good. first season cottonmouth was great, but diamondback was ridiculous villain. mariah went super evil, shades redeemed himself, and bushmaster was a great antihero. i wonder if they will make the daughter a villain too since it was brought up that this is who the stokes are and you cant escape it

edit: yeah the more i think about it, season 1 should’ve ended with cotton mouth death, and cut out diamondback altogether. the show would not have suffered at all and would’ve improved. 13 episodes is way too damn much. JJ season 2 dragged on due to this as well. luke case season 2, 13 episodes also seemed too long as well. could’ve cut some stuff. also makes binging easier


Judging by the expression on Tilda’s face when Luke got Harlem’s Paradise, I think she might be on a dark path. And like you said- it’s in her blood.


She’s a villain in the comics called Nightshade. Yeah, three guesses on what she’ll be doing.


So I guess Iron Fist is an afterthought here…


Since his Luke cage S2 appearance, i’m willing to give Iron fist a chance.


It also has Alice Eve. Hopefully in every episode.


Typhoid Mary on the wrong show


Alice Eve on the wrong show


It’s Alice Eve, if we get to stare at her, she’s always on the right show.