Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


They know having Alice Eve will get people to give the show another chance.


Is Alice Eve a good actress? I just remember being so annoyed by the gratuitous underwear scene in Star Trek that I get taken out of the movie for a while. Definitely a pretty woman: I like that casting in that Typhoid Mary is supposed to be a twisted romantic interest.


Eh…she’s ok. She’s not an actress you get for her acting ability.


I’ve never even heard of her.


You never hear of anyone so that doesn’t really surprise us.


Yeah, I’m willing to give it another shot as well after his appearance in Luke Cage Season 2.


With the change in showrunners, the show is looking to delve into K’un-Lun mythos more which should have been the focus of the first season. No Ku’n-Lun in Iron Fist, no me gusta


I ran through both Luke Cage S2 and Jessica Jones S2. I liked both of them a lot.

I don’t know if I can rank LCS2 over Daredevil S2 or Punisher though but it’s up there. The storytelling, acting, characters, action, and turn of events was just so good. Jessica Jones was also great because the last episode made me feelz…

I’m looking forward to Iron Fist 2 and I hope it will redeem itself.


Since Jessica Jones has repeatedly referred to the Raft in civil war -re-clarifying any skepticism that this is still in the same universe with the Avengers- do you think they will show them disintegrating or anything connecting to AIW? Maybe at the ending of Ironfist S2 or Daredevil S3 (if this will be released before Avengers 4)?


There’s honestly no point. They won’t get referenced in the MCU, and they can easily just time skip around any Infinity War business.


Saw Luke Cage Season 2.

My updated list now.

Top Tier: The Punisher > Daredevil Season 1 > Luke Cage Season 2 > Jessica Jones Season 1 > The Defenders > Daredevil Season 2

Mid Tier: Luke Cage Season 1 > Iron Fist

Low Tier: Jessica Jones Season 2.

This season was almost on the brink of being the best of them all but couldn’t topple the epicness of Punisher’s last episodes or Kingpin’s badassery of Season 1. Mariah almost gives Kingpin a run for his money though, Bushmaster was ok and seeing Shades’ inner turmoil was great development.

Cage was much better here than in S1 and episode 10 with Iron Fist, gave me the Final Fight bro vibes they always do. Good teamwork skills!!!

Very good season.

On to Iron Fist Season 2.


JJ S2 wasn’t that bad. It was actually pretty decent as it past mid way, i thought it was better than Defenders. I consider it mid tier while Ironfist is in the bottom.

I liked DD S2 more than S1 because of Punisher. Those scenes where he interacts with Matt were just script gold.

Black Mariah surpassed every villain in the Marvel verse IMO. That bitch was more colded blooded and heartless than any villain ive seen in recent memory. **strong text**


True… just imagine she had powers!


That mask tease…


We finally gonna see K’un L’un?


have to if their doin the immortal weapons arc. the tournament takes place in the kingdoms.


Last season fucked up one of them. Unless it’s revealed the Juri cosplayer is an imposter they can’t faithfully adapt it.


shhhh nigga let me believe lol. Everythings wacked out but its obvious the real arch will be steel serpent vs iron fist. Tournament is just the backdrop.


Food is not that great.