Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


Its been a while, but I just finished Luke Cage Season 2 .


Bushmaster - Acting/action/backstory. Mustafa Shakir nailed it. Excellent!

Mariah’s descent into thug lyfe - Alfre Woodard did an awesome job.

Music - Luke has the best music of all the MCU Netflix shows.

Action - The fights were 20x better and visceral than Season 1

Danny in ep 10 was 10 x better than his own series. His and Lukes camaraderie felt a lot more natural.

This season was more consistently good compared to last one.

Lukes new status at the end seems an interesting way to take the character. While I dont want him outright being a villain, I like that its gets him more to the gray, than being a white knight all the time.


A little stretched out. “I’m sorry but our Bushmaster is in another castle” lol

Episode 12’s last 10 minutes should have been added to ep 13. Many of the Netflix MCU shows have denouements mostly for the last episode which is the downward stroke. They need the rising part and the falling part.

Tilda at the end. Her motivation was to be clear of Stokes/Mariah’s influence yet at the end of the season shes upset at not getting the club, imo her motivation seems forced if theyre going to make her into a villain.

Nandi being crooked felt shoehorned in.

I didnt care for Shades and his acting felt meh. I hope he is in a lesser role next season.

I wish Luke’s dad had a role in the final episodes. I know is arc was completed a few eps but I would have liked to have seen his reaction to Lukes new status.

Overall: 8.5/10


for me shades acting really shined in this. His descent into the realization of what was happening around him. That these arent the streets or rules he grew up in was interesting. No one but shades respected the code of the street.


Yep I agree… what do you think of this ‘review’


You can’t spell ignorance without IGN.


Stupid review.

I have some questions about Luke’s invulnerability in the comics.

  1. His skin is bulletproof,but what if someone put a gun in his mouth and fired? Would it still hurt?

  2. Could he survive a nuclear attack?


I don’t know a ton about the comic book version, but even if he could survive the initial blast the radiation would still kill him.


Not sure if its a canon way… but deadpool found a way:


My bad…I liked Luke Cage season 2.


It’s night and day the difference between Cage seasons 1 and 2.


New Iron Fist trailer…


I hope this season does to Iron Fist what Thor Ragnarok did to Thor.

  1. Yes
  2. No


they brought in a whole fuckton of stunt talent that has worked with 8711 and alot of the movie stuff. if the directors dont fuck it up, expect alot of good action.


This is good to hear, thanks for the insight Maxx.


Hope so, but weakest link and what not is still the star. Hopefully he proves me wrong.


yeah one of my boys was giving me a list of people. flew in a bunch of cali peeps plus local nyc talent


Hey look…it’s Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary.


Iron Fist revamped action scenes…


Is this good or does it need to come with a trigger warning?


lolol when the fuck do they promote a stunt coordinator so much. this is weird.