Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


Prolly cause they knew they shit the bed with season 1 so with this season they’re “look guys, we’re taking it seriously”


When the first season of your martial arts based superhero show had shitty fights.


I finished Iron Fist season 2. It’s miles above season 1. It wipes it’s ass with it. The fights are much improved. Not to the level of DD but there are definitely some good fights.


Yeah I agree. The fight sequences were night and day with the first season.


Ozark season 2 was excellent, summed up: Boy, that escalated quickly…
Watching IF season 2, agreed the fights are vastly better still lots of side story filler. On Ep4 now.


Random to bring up, but its like the reviewers were watchin a totally different show last season of Luke Cage. Shit was way better than season 1, and had not 1, but 2 godlike villains


told you fuckers the fights were gonna be a fuckton better. they really did the impossible plot wise…they appeased canon fans/sjws/and tumblr


Hyped for season 3…


The tease for a possible season 3 got me hype. Danny really leveled up.


Yeh 100x better but they’re still way too many cuts and closeups.

Sorry to be so negative but the show so hammy. Danny is still the weakest aspect of this show.Again, so much filler they could easliy ditch 3 episodes, Joy and Ward Meachum had strong starts but ended up being nothing but a distractions.

summary: Big improvement on the first season but weak script detracts from the positives.


Ward’s storyline was okay if he hadn’t been chasing after Joy so much. Honestly, by episode two I’d just have say screw you and be done with her. Her 180° at the end of S1 was already as unbelievable as it gets and her annoying ‘I have to be the bad guy’ disposition in S2 didn’t really make it better.

I liked the rest though, for the most part.


It will be difficult to say screw you when he developed a dependence for her. That was his entire problem.


Yup, but they sure did draw out that realisation.


Yeah Joy’s villain turn was completely unbelievable. Especially her wanting to “take everything away from Danny”. She’s 20 years too late. Her dad did that. Despite it all, Danny didn’t hold Ward and Joy accountable.


Her turn wasn’t believable but she made for a fine villain. She actually felt important and had something to contribute to the narrative. I’m hoping she continues to stay antagonistic.


Fair enough but it would have been better if Joy was antagonistic to Danny season one and Ward was the more welcoming of the two. It would make her actions in season 2 more believable.


I think IF s2 is trash, imo the first one was better. Minus the shitty fight scenes.


Yea I kind of agree, this was the first season out of all of them that I just didn’t really care what happened lol. Fights were better for sure though


After Luke Cage S1 let me down I skipped IF S1 entirely.

Cage S2 was such a huge improvement that I am giving IF S2 a shot.

Three episodes in and this series is objectively terrible. Shit pacing, shit acting, zero emotional investment in anything or anyone on screen so far. Closest the show has gotten to interesting is watching Davos be uncomfortable in social situations.


I think Davos not wanting to bang the hot Asian woman was hilarious. I don’t think that is what they were going for :rofl: