Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


K’un L’un must have hotter girls. In season one Danny said that peaking into the girls bath was one of many things he did with Davos.


Given what we saw of his mother, Davos was probably a virgin. So I just found it hard to believe that he would be able to hold out in that scenario.


I found that was actually one of the more believable parts of his character because it could be traced back to his very traditional Kunlun lifestyle of sexual abstinence.


I enjoy the Daredevil account responding to comments via Bible verses only…


To be fair, it succeeds in making it all but impossible to find anything substantial enough to latch onto, to even make lampooning it MST3000 style a tolerable way to [literally] view it.

K’un L’un sexual abstinence is meta for IF entertainment abstinence.

Big Al got off easy.


So i’m on Ironfist S2E4 and I think everything so far is boring as fuck. Does this get better?




So i completed Ironfist. It was boring from Ep1-4 but it got a lot better after. I was actually satisfied with this. I don’t care about whatever shit people say about the netflix universe, but I have to say that i enjoy it more than the MCU due to it’s style. Like if i could be a marvel character and chose what MCU i would go to, it would be the netflix one.

I hope for a Defenders 2 so badly.


October 19th


I wouldn’t say IF2 was good by the end, but at least some of the action sequences in the later episodes are pretty good.

Kind of hilarious by the end though when it turns out you don’t even need to be Ironfist to be Ironfist. The magic guns were just stupid, and the effects when Danny shot down the bullet were garbage tier.


Fisk is busting out the white suit. Matt is fucked


All aboard the hype train




Yep, ingenious plan by Fisk.





Fuck. I enjoyed S2 and I was looking forward to S3.


Wonder if iron fist will still show up in luke cage or another defender’s season. Didn’t really like season 2 that much but don’t mind the character, would be cool for him to still be involved


That sucks Season 2 was good and improved upon the major mistakes from Season 1.