Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


D. Rand Fisted.


Good riddance, the lead was the weakest part of the show.


The biggest offenders for both seasons of Iron Fist imo was how horribly written the narrative was, bland characterization and basically not enough K’un-L’un mythos which should have solidified the character. Even if the fight scenes were poorly choregraphed, at least give us a compelling plot to follow. Sheesh.


Idk why everyone is sad about it. Even if IF Season 2 did improve they were never going to go full bore into going into K’un L’un so there was no point on keeping the show. They’ll still have various members of the cast doing things in the Netflix Universe.


While I do agree, i think that mythos stuff could have been developed more as the show gets older. I thought the characters in S2 where pretty good, i liked Mary, I liked Coleen, and practically everybody in S2 and it was really interesting to see what they were going to towards the end.

I still think this show deserves 1 more chance.