Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


At episode 10…seriously Fisk has to get murked after all this.
Jail ain’t it chef!

Call up Frank!


Damn you Thanos!

On ep8 of DareDevil, so far it’s been super


Ok, so I’m on Episode 11 already, and I have to say that I have a high level of cringe for Karen. I just want to zap myself inside that universe and just call her an idiot.

yes, it’s the dialogue in where she tries to reason with Matt not to kill Fisk. She opens up with “Listen to me” and already has 0 credibility to be listened to after the stupid decisions she made that got Fr Lantom killed.

Regardless of how cringe worthy her character is in this season, I have to give mad props to the actress - she is doing a great job making her character believable. All the talents involved in this series. I thought the guy playing Bullseye is fucking scary.

how many of you also pissed that not one defender has shown up, or much more the Punisher?


Karen didn’t get anyone killed in the church. It wasn’t even her idea to stay there while she was on the run. Also, father Lantom took the baton for her when Bullseye threw at her. She isn’t to blame for anyone dying there.


I’m not pissed at all, none of the other Defenders would’ve been of any help. Danny’s not even in NYC, Luke is too busy running Harlem, and Jessica along with Frank aren’t exactly useful when the main source of baddies is the FBI.


In regards to Karen:

Karen has consistently been the worst character in the series, and starting season 3 has made me remember why I found her so eye rolling last season. Even when she was face to face with someone like the Punisher she sounded like idealistic 14 year old girl and The Punisher’s philosophy sounded more pragmatic and realistic. Who cares about right or wrong when you are fighting against people who don’t care about the noble idealism of your moral code?


Said: Everyone in the known universe to Batman.


Karen was the only character that connected with and understood Frank last season. In Frank’s show she believes that he’s a misunderstood hero


Yeah, she’s a likable character when she’s dealing with Frank.


I do think Foggy ended up winning as the biggest idiot after Ep10. I’m on the last one now.


…he wasn’t in Episode 10.


Yes, i mean starting at episode 11. Right now, i think he is an idiot.


Foggy isn’t being an idiot. It’s a solid plan.


I’m not yet finished. But yes, the whole don’t kill Fisk is something i can’t understand.


Well ignoring the whole “it’ll ruin his soul” thing that every superhero media goes through every two seconds, realistically killing Fisk does nothing. The infrastructure is still there and Vanessa showed in Episode 12 that she’s just as, if not more ruthless than Fisk is (ironically that very fact will lead to his downfall). What’s he gonna do if Vanessa takes over, without any of the previous charges hanging over her head I might add, and continues where he left off? He gonna kill her too?


shove it up your Saitsu. Every single post i make you always got to post some shit to explain how I am wrong.


You want to make it personal for no reason that’s your prerogative. You simply said you couldn’t understand it, I tried to explain it in a way that would make it understandable.

But if you got a problem, then feel free to say something right now.


no, i don’t. Im just playing… i didn’t finish the last episode during the time of your response.


Lol what?



I just finished Iron Fist Season 2.


Much better fight choreography/scenes compared to S1

Danny is 20% less annoying

the relationship between Colleen and Misty

Ward’s character growth

10 episodes was a good length.


Typhoid Mary seemed a bit superfluous in the grand scheme. Her acting as Mary and Walker was good, but I wish she was more tied to the main plot.

Joy being a reluctant “villain” struck me as weird at the end of S1, and was right. Her motives seemed weak. Yes, she lost her father and regained him in a perverse way.and Ward was a dick, but I dont buy it .Also, I’m surprised Davos didn’t go full Mortal Kombat on her lol. Now that the show is cancelled, I wonder what they would have her do in S3 if Ward/Danny would be bumming around Asia. Also, I think its funny that Danny doesn’t really mention or visit Joy in the final episode lol.

Overall: IF S2 7.5/10

                 IF S1       6.5/10