Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


Maybe now that Finn Jones and Mike Colter are out of jobs, they should star in a new show called “Actors for Hire”

Hmm 4 Defenders shows. Now there are only 2.
Thanos strikes again!


Thing watching 3 seasons of Daredevil has taught me:

NEVER fight a lawyer in a hallway.



lol@ the daredevil pot shot at jessica jones


Overall great season of DareDevil, finale was a little anti-climatic.
Final scene with Pointdexter on the operating table, who are they and what is going on there?


He’s getting his trademark adamantium spine after Kingpin broke his back during the last fight.


Since this ain’t Fox you mean Vibranium, right?


Disney owns Fox now so that shouldn’t be an issue.


I doubt they’re going to namedrop it anyway. He’ll finally be called Bullseye but that’s about it.


Technically not until January 1st.


Neither way if were ever get a fourth season name dropping adamantium won’t be an issue.


they said a different type of metal which may change to adamantium after jan 1


Just finished DD S3.

SO good…

The only DD comic story Ive read was Born Again. The other Netflix MCU characters were basically blank slates for me.

While it was a loose adaptation, there were a lot of things I loved about it.

-Sister Maggie and her sardonic tongue and the “reveal”
Karen’s backstory with her brother
the general feeling of dread when Kingpin was able to manipulate people. That was carried off well from the original story imo
Ray Nadeem. Sniff.
Fight choreography esp the last ep. Props to the choreographers/stuntmen and actors
Donofrio is awesome. He like Killgrave heightens the material.
I liked the backstory/performance of Bullseye.

The end was a bit odd. I cant believe Matt would trust Kingpinto keep his promise but oh well.
The comic story had Matt be more paranoid and psychotic throughout . While he was disturbed about stuff this season, I didnt feel as if matched the comic intensity.

Overall 9/10


Jessica Jones and Punisher are left.


Marvel Netfilx is dead. It’s clear now. They are just releasing what they already filmed at this point.


No real reason for me to keep Netflix…




The odds of me getting a Disney streaming account are pretty slim though, even if they bring these series back on it. Netflix is pretty much always going to have more total content I want to watch.


Unfortunately, Netflix is getting divvied up to where its content is too sparse for a lot of people to justify keeping it.

It is funny.

All of these companies think they are growing a great white shark to dominate the industry, but there are so many of them, “hoarding” their own tiny bit of exclusive content, trying to get a taste, they are more like toothless guppies that will never get big, due to the pure numbers game.

People aren’t going to pay $20 a month for 1/5 of the content they used to get.

They’ll move on to some other form of entertainment.

As they should.

I’ve been pure DVDs/Blue-ray for years now, and see less and less reason to jump back in to the “movies as a service” pool.


Netflix is in a bind when it comes to movies. With Disney buying Fox, a huge portion of movies are going to be exclusive to their service.