Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


Disney is cancer.

(Disney the monolithic, Satanic corporation)

And I’m an atheist.

But Disney are locusts.


It does feel like the end of an era of sorts.
I remember being excited to watch House of Cards Orange when they debuted and when DD first premiered I was giddy bc I don’t really watch “regular” tv outside of a few shows.

However with Netflix MCU on life support and the ending of many series I watched like HoC, Voltron,I will probably demote Netflix to secondary entertainment after videogames whereas it was tied with YouTube for the top spot.

In an ideal world,I would get the different services but realistically that would be too much just to watch 1-2 shows.

At least with the I’m excellent DD S3 it was sort of resolved unlike IF or Luke.
I really hope Feige would consider Cox et Al to have a supporting role in a future MCU film or even transition into having a full theatrical DD film with this crew.


Wait Voltron got cancelled too!? WTF man!


Technically its not being canceled, but reaching the end of their original episode commitment to Netflix.

Dec. 14 2018 - Sigh



When did Thanos become Netflix CEO?


Yeah, it’s been known for a while. Part of me is sad about it but on the other hand if they keep up the level of quality from the last Season they’ll definitely end this on a high note.

I just hope there’ll be a Bluray boxset at some point.


So there would be a wait…




I bet you as soon as punisher and Jessica Jones finish airing they’re going to get the ax too. It’s inevitable


Punisher is outside of the existing deal who he probably won’t get locked down like the other four.


You think that will stop them from canceling it?


No but he likely won’t be in limbo when he does get cancelled.


Last time on The Punisher…


Punisher S2 aka the final season will premiere on January 18th.



i think their might be blood in this show


Awesome… but Jigsaw be looking too pretty. Those scars make him look more badass.


Yeah, expected Jigsaws face to be super gruesome. Frank really fucked him up in the 1st season, this look doesn’t quite reflect that


They just had to use Alice in Chains…I AM HYPED!!!