Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


I was feeling that cover


Yeah I guess they don’t want to make him look unrecognizable…


Its Hollywood. They dont hire good lookin people just to make them ugly. I also blame Loki, bad guy fanclub is a marvel thing now


Yeah I underestimated how much Loki makes pussies wet. He’s a good looking dude but DAMN.

I think Christian Bale is one of the few who is allowed to go all out.
He gained a lot of weight,cut his hair significantly just to play Dick Cheney. I think before Batman he became near malnourished for some movie.


Said movie is “The Machinist”

Christian Bale is literally insane and he has likely done permanent damage to his body due to his method acting. Look at pictures of him from 2000-2012 when those movies were made. He made dramatic if not unsafe changes in every movie he’s in.

Not show or mentioned is American Hustle where he somehow lost 3 inches in height and herniated a disk


I would guess, that make up costs and application probably played into not going for a more brutalized look.

Also that third Punisher movie, they probably want to keep the comparisons between the new season and that as small as possible…