Marvel's Netflix Universe: Return of the Kingpin


I was feeling that cover


Yeah I guess they don’t want to make him look unrecognizable…


Its Hollywood. They dont hire good lookin people just to make them ugly. I also blame Loki, bad guy fanclub is a marvel thing now


Yeah I underestimated how much Loki makes pussies wet. He’s a good looking dude but DAMN.

I think Christian Bale is one of the few who is allowed to go all out.
He gained a lot of weight,cut his hair significantly just to play Dick Cheney. I think before Batman he became near malnourished for some movie.


Said movie is “The Machinist”

Christian Bale is literally insane and he has likely done permanent damage to his body due to his method acting. Look at pictures of him from 2000-2012 when those movies were made. He made dramatic if not unsafe changes in every movie he’s in.

Not show or mentioned is American Hustle where he somehow lost 3 inches in height and herniated a disk


I would guess, that make up costs and application probably played into not going for a more brutalized look.

Also that third Punisher movie, they probably want to keep the comparisons between the new season and that as small as possible…


New Punisher season is out right now.
Commence binging!


Tirk continues his streak!


Ah hell time to abandon thread.
Took a dinner break and stopped at episode 5 or 6. As I’m out getting dinner from Popeyes.

Love the new season so far


It’s still going to get canned after.

BTW. The women are highly attractive and Madani is like the god tier of the netflix women.


At epsiode 10…and “OH…MY!!!”:flushed::dizzy_face:

…you will not see that in a MCU movie or any new show on Disney’s new streaming service.


It would be a huge outrage if the cancel this. Hopefully the netflix series will continue as is on the new Disney streaming service, with out reboots. Crying shame if they reboot the netflix series just to fit the whole pgish style of Disney.


Would it though? I mean, you survived without it existing for so long. I’m sure you can survive without it. Punisher is likely to be canceled once this season has its grace period. Disney wants all their IP’s under one roof and wants to stop making other networks and services money.

Unlikely. Though Punisher is not apart of the collective deal with Netflix/Disney the rest of the Netflix marvel universe aka the defenders can’t appear on another network for like 2 years.


After Daredevil cancellation the writing is in the wall for the other shows. The day the new season dropped it didn’t appear on trending, recommendation, popular or new releases tabs. Corporate politics will get Punisher shit canned and buried.


Punisher has already been canceled, they just haven’t announced it yet.


I think the netflix series are good, and i like the actors and how they portray the characters.


Usually I would have binged the Punisher. I haven’t watched one episode yet. I’ll get around to it. I already know it’s cancelled anyway.


Just dl’ed the series… its on queue to watch atm. Just finishing up runaways season 2, the first couple of eps of true detective season 3 and ray donovan. Gonna watch young justice season 3 with my son.


Just finished the series. I enjoyed.

It would be a crying shame if this (or Jessica S3) will be the last I will see with this street level mcu thing. I hope disney continues the netflix series on their new stream site without any altering.

I enjoyed nearly all of the shows regardless of what other people think.

I just read this. You got a source to this? That really sucks if this is true.


Ben Barnes stole the show this season. His acting is on point, somehow he makes Jigsaw sympathetic but still a piece of shit