Marvel's next DVD animated movie: "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" trailer

Looks interesting.


looks cute

Holy crap, it’s like Bruce Timm just took a shit on Marvel when Batman TAS came out and they couldn’t recover since. Yeah, Marvel animated stuff is pretty shitty. I’ll be skipping this one just like how I skipped the rest.


This would’ve made MUCH MORE F***IN SENSE than Next Avengers. I applaud them for trying to come up with an “original” premise, but I will not be buying this.

This is not “original.” Muppet Babies is original. This is a contrived piece of corporate hackery. But I’m not hating. I know this ain’t for us. It’s just for little kids. Let them be entertained by this, and then grow up and seek out actual comic books.

why…why…why not spider girl. oh wait joe quesada would probably just try and cancel it.

Rumor has it that after we die(our current generation of comic book readers[i.e. those that are 20 and older]) the comic book will die as well.

See now this is why we should all educate/enlighten our younger relatives on the awesomeness of comics; you start with Spiderman and the current Power Pack minis, go to Spidergirl, then go to DeadPool, then you go give them any random comic series you want.

my girls already appreciate the comic book. my oldest has a bunch of wonder woman signed by the dodsons. my unborn baby will be forced into liking deadpool. he has no choice.

Looks silly…

You know, in my darkest moments, I do feel that this is possible. But realistically, I doubt that will ever happen. Yeah, it’s true that the industry is nowhere near as booming as it was 16 years ago, but I think it’s stabilized. It is hard to imagine significant growth, though.

I spend a lot of time around little kids and I don’t think any of them are particularly crazy about comic books like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, the X-Men, and all the rest.

But you know what they really like? Manga. Kids love that stuff. The Ranma 1/2, Tsubasa Chronicles, Maison Ikkoku, Dragonball, Naruto, and other junk I can’t remember (but Sano’s probably read). Heck, I’ve seen kids at my school reading Archie digests. I know Betty & Veronica ain’t no Birds of Prey, but hey - at least they’re still reading comics. And some of the cooler teachers even stock Bone in their classroom libraries. (Bone is actually a pretty big seller for Scholastic. Book Orders, baby - remember those? Haha.)

This current generation of kids is growing up and being psychologically conditioned to wait for the TRADE, BABY. How many kids do you see sitting in the Manga aisle at Borders? So many that spilling your hot coffee in a bookstore would probably constitute child abuse. How many kids do you see sitting in your local comic shop? None, but I bet there’s a bunch of fat ugly dudes arguing about who’s stronger, Hulk or Superman. [Superman, DUH! Where you at, goody?]

I think I had a point when I started this post, but I forgot it because I kind of got caught up in my own imagery. Also, I had to take a break three sentences ago so I could go poo. Sorry. I know that’s no excuse.

Anyway, the comic book will never die. Business models will have to change so the stalwart American companies can keep up with Tokyopop and Viz.

And as long upstanding, freedom-loving men like Chairy and Painy continue to be good fathers, comics will prevail. Let’s have a round of applause for these two gentlemen who have taken Jean Claude van Damme’s sage advice to heart!


^Don’t forget us good Uncles as well >| Good post BTW :tup:
I’m still no interested in this, wish they’d pool some cash into Power Pack.

I was being semi-sarcastic, hence the quotation marks.

I loved Muppet Babies. I’m man enough to admit that.

Muppets were shit, SHIT I TELLZ YAH!

They should have Sesame Street Babies, learn where the Count got good with numbers. One…Two! Two titties to suck on, AH AH AH!

I’ll probably rent this, I want to see how it turns out honestly. Kid Cap would be pimp in Marvel. Patriot doesn’t count, he juiced up, though I guess since Baseball players do it it’s american enough…

This comes from Marvel in the same year span of time they retconned Peters marriage out of excistance…so i am not surprised. :cries:

The Ultimates movies were good, Iron Man was good, Dr. Strange was good. DC retaliates with Superman/Doomsday and the Dark Knight DVD coming out…and Marvel runs crying and gives us this crap.

The idea has alot of potential…but the execution is undescribably stupid.

You want to market this at kids…make something closer in scope to Teen Titans or Legion of Super Heroes. Power Pack would have been perfect. A show based off of Runaways would have been awesome (Admitted it would lose alot if it were kidified…but it would likely target the teen crowd morso anyways)

This DVD just craps on everybody who actually likes the Avengers.