does anybody still play marvelvscapcom2 the japanese version on the dreamcast or the ps2

No, everyone stopped.


Surprised it took this long. I wonder if he is still looking for winraw to play his PS2 games on the PC.

The most idiot thread here. Please close hahaha

man, remember the big mvc2 backlash in '04? when all the dcs and mas’s died?
shit was a tragedy

Hey, I’ve tabled it since I don’t have time to mess with it, but I’m still looking for a simple way to switch between MAME, MVC2, and CVS2 without having to open up my arcade cabinet. Haven’t been able to mess with nullDC yet.

I guess offtopic is the name of this thread. :wink:

nullDC is amazing dude… just make sure that ansiotropic filtering and aa are off.