Maryland tournament


Hello I was wondering if anyone was interested in potentially helping me plan weekly and/or a monthly tournament in Maryland. the only place I am familiar with that holds tournaments is Xanadu games in Baltimore but I was hoping to possibly use The Trenches in Rockville. if I can manage to get this to work then I would like to somewhat co-ordinate with xanadu so that a monthly tournament would not fall on the same day but instead about a week or two apart. if anyone is interested please let me know or if you have any tips about running a tournament they would be greatly appreciated. also if anyone has been to The Trenches in Rockville please let me know if you believe it to be a suitable venue for tournaments


I can bring a set up for Skullgirls if this happens and if I go. Otherwise just run Marvel and people should show up.


If there is AE, and even anyone interested in some friendlies for 3S, I’d be there. I can supply a full PS3 setup for those games