Mas Arcade Super-Pro Stick

I searched using the option and nothing came up. Literally. I would get a white blank screen. But I got some questions about this thing.

I recently won mine on ebay. And it seems to be like the stick is in a like new condition or something because I haven’t seem to had any trouble with it today so far.

This thing is amazing.

One, why is the joystick so tight? I mean, I can do the moves, but the stick is just so tight when moving it. Anyway to loosen it?

Also, what’s the difference between digital and analog mode?

I’ve noticed one thing that when in digital mode, I can’t seem to do any hadouken or shoruken motion commands. But when used in analog mode, it comes out no problem.

It took me a few minutes to figure out why my moves weren’t coming out.

Also, what’s the difference between left analog and right analog mode?

I heard that the super pro sticks went under various changes since they’ve been made? I remember playing on them when I was in high school when I couldn’t afford anything almost like 6 years ago. What did they change about them?

Thanks in advance.

Does it have a happ p360 in it? That spring is usually pretty stiff. You can try to break it in or swap it with a looser happ spring.

The analog functions are self-explanatory for games that require you to use either the digital pad, analog stick: left analog stick, or right analog stick.

Can’t explain why functions aren’t working in digital mode for whatever SF game your playing though.

What stick to you have exactly? What are the specs?

The Digital / Analog button acts the same way the Analog button did on the first Analog PS controllers. It allows you to use the stick as the left stick on a pad. The Left and Right Analog modes are just that, it makes the stick act like either the right or left stick on a pad. Sort of. The stick is not really analog so it trys to mimic it but usually sucks doing so.

As far as the tightness of the stick, the only way to loosen that is to swap out the spring. You probably have a hard spring and are used to a medium. You can get the springs from Lizardlick when they open back up. Unless as stated above it’s a P360 stick.

I think that answered most of your questions. I have 2 of these things and they’re a little confusing if you don’t know what’s what.