MAS best non custom/ bat stick?

Ok, so I currently own a T5 Hori stick and I played at this arcade and really liked the feel of the batt. Though I have always played on balls(sounds kinda weird) I think that I prefer bat tops. So, I plan on buying a MAS mini since thats really the only good bat I can think of. Just wondering since many people on the Hardware forums know their stuff and have played on many sticks I wanted an opinion of the MAS. I searced all 5 pages and didn’t see any related MAS topics so I posted this one. Just wanted some opinions of the sticks they use the weight/mobility, and any other relitive info. Help is appreciated

MAS is in my opinion the best noncustom american (bat) style stick. Has all Happ parts and built to last. Pretty good price as well.

It’s a good stick. Get a P360 joystick and convex buttons if you can. If not best next thing is a Super stick, NOT COMPETITION!

mas sticks are definitely built to last. most problems with them involve which pcbs are included with them. if you read the mas stick compatibility thread it will tell you about all that. the main idea is to stick with a 1 system stick, and by one system i mean ps1/ps2, and just grab adapters for the other systems.

Personally, I prefer Happ competition over Happ super. It’s all about preference.

Does any of the Happ parts (competition, super, ultimate) perform better than the other is is that preference too?

I don’t think the ultimate is good at all. I have tried all 3 and for me competition is the best, then it’s super, and ultimate for last.


go p360 though, it lasts longer and is worth the upgrade

Competition joysticks are a grade above Ultimates which are complete shit. Supers are like P360s but with switches and a lighter springs.

Trust me, I have an arcade in my garage. I’ve tried everything. Lots of everything. Plus I’m actually a pretty decent player around here which is the PLACE in the U.S for fighting games.

Preference, yeah, if you PREFER to miss moves…

What is this “MAS mini” you speak of? I looked at the site, and they’re all the same size, just different buttons layouts.

Did I miss something?

Yeah, I also don’t know what a MAS mini is. A link or pic would be appreciated.

i suggest playing with bats for about a month just to test out if you really like it (get over the inital impression) , you could always just use a sanwa and exchange the ball with a bat

Thanks for the replies about the different parts.

I got it off Alpha Electronics

Thanks for the link blackstar.

yeah, thanks for the link.

Funny though that MAS doesn’t have it on its own site though?

Would you guys recommend the mini over the normal? Is there any reason besides size? I’m not used to playing on a small deck stick.

I like the lack of two extra buttons (i’m not gonna play tony hawk or anything with it) but it also looks like there is a definite lack of space to rest your hands while waiting to hit the buttons (+stick). I think I might get the original one instead. Should i?

quick question bout that new mini mas
if i usethis convertor with a ps2 only stick…will it work?

It’s like the SFAC stick where it has one cord branching off into two(or however many systems your getting, so I don’t think it’s necessary to use a converter for Dreamcast,Pc,or Gamecube but the xbox add-on system uses a converter instead of having the cord branch off. Thus you don’ t get that problem about the MAS compatibility(check the last sticky).

I too like Bat style sticks over the Ball style. I cannot do dragon punches on the ball type for the life of me.

But I like Japanese Convex buttons better then the American Concave ones.

Out of the bat style sticks, I prefer the P360. They’re a little bit more expensive, and a harder to repair than competitions/ultimate happs, but I just like the feel. I personally recommend the P360 with Convex buttons.

If you have a choice between the 8 button version and the 10 button version, get the 10 button. It’s bigger and gots more weight to it so it’s more stable. Also has 2 extra buttons in case one of your other ones malfunction (highly unlikely).

I’m a little confused about the description for the stick on the alphaelectronics website.

Special Note for the Playstation 2 version : The Super Pro.Stick will set the Joystick to the default Digital mode on Power Up and report back to the system as a Dual Shock controller. The Digital, Left Analog or Right Analog Mode can be selected by simply pressing the Digital/Analog button & the L1 button (Left Analog) or the R1 (Right Analog). Because the actual Joystick is an 8-way digital device, all Analog functions shall be simulated “only”: True Analog movements of the character is not possible, i.e. the character shall only move in one speed (fast) and will not able to slowly walk, or run as with the true Analog stick. Also Note that this version is 100% downward compatible with all PSOne systems.

Can someone please tell me what this means exactly?