Mas Died on me right when Super comes out :(


Have a 360 mas with the perfect 360 stick and comp buttons. For some stupid reason my mas started pressing medium punch when ever i press forward. :frowning:
If anybody has fixed this or has an idea of how to repair it, I’m open to all ideas. Anything would be better than mailing it to LA and waiting for them to repair it.


Might open it up and see if maybe a wire got crossed or something somehow. If all the wiring looks good and solid, You could get a madcatz controller or fightpad and use that as the stick’s PCB instead of the PCB in the MAS.


MAS might be difficult to get a hold of since their website is done.

Do you know what kind of 360 pcb MAS used? Definitely check for a crossed wire.


If it is “crossed” as you describe, then it is most likely not the PCB but rather something much cheaper and easier to repair. Replace the switches on the buttons in question. Or the entire button itself - either or. I would wager that in the thrall of a fight, you hit one too hard and slammed the red tab of the switch so that the connection occurs almost by itself. The spring in that tab is basically damaged. You could probably shake the entire stick and noticed some unintentional button presses. Same thing happened to me on the same MAS setup as you have. It drove me nutz for over a month before I figured it out. I replaced the button switches and all is well again. A good thing to as MAS nolonger has replacement PCB’s. I found this out after repeated phone calls and email attempts that went unanswered until by luck some woman answered. Their customer service outright sucks anymore and their website has not been updated for the better part of almost ten years.

If you do actually have to replace a PCB, then go with a Chluthu. But try replacing the switches first. At only a couple of bucks, it is worth the try.