MAS Dreamcast/PS2 Super Pro.Stick For Sale


Brand New, when i say Brand New i mean brand new Like Need some work put in on the joystick. (when i say it needs work i mean the Joystick is New And it needs to be used to be loosened up). Or if you like the new stiff joystick feel then it doesnt need any use. There is nothing wrong with it at all is what i mean. Bought it from another SRKer brand new in the box and haven’t took the time to use it. Currently using Hori Pro Ex on xbox 360 and waiting for Sanwa parts for My Wack i mean MadCatz SE stick from lizard Di…i mean Lick :looney: oops. Give me 80$ for this Baby, and its Yours.

Location: Georgia


Updated (Pics Added)


What’s wrong with the stick that needs work?


edit: already asked


Sorry when i say it needs work i mean the Joystick is New And it needs to be used to be loosened up.


Would you take 60 for it?


Sorry Cant bro, i think 80 is a good price.




if the joystick is p360, then yea, its a great price, but if its a comp. joystick. Also, 80 is still a good price, very reasonable.


Perfect 360 Dog, Nuffin but da best.


P360 MAS stick for $80? Someone should jump on this.


crazy, yea someone needs to pick this up now


80 bucks is A GREAT price for this


PM sent


I think Funky F’s comment got this sale going…lol. Thanks for the pm’s guys, im not trying to raise the price or anything but i kinda want 80 even for this and dont wanna spend anything on shipping. Thank you for all the PM’s. I did get a PM from a friend who’s not local but comes to my state on occasions. So if i turn anyone off by not wanting to pay shipping, then i’ll just wait till he visits ma good ol town again and sell it to him. I’ll check my pm’s and my post when i get to work. Thanks again for your interest.


i’ll take it for $80 + shipping. pm me your info.


Aiite spidey its yours then since you Pm’s me first. Gotta be fair :cool: Will PM you my info. Sold Guys!!




:rofl: My bad dog…gotta be fair. :china: