MAS pcb dies, need options on modded MAS

Hi everyone,

Some may remember my little MAS makeover:

Everything was fine until I went to power on my PS1 side and it doesnt work. Even after disconnecting the wires from the buttons (or in my case just unplugging the DB-25) It still doesnt power up.

I called Mas and it sounds 2 expensive to fix their board. So I was thinking, should I use a plain old PS1 controller?

ps1 controllers are pretty simple to throw together into a db25 project box… so do it up.

I just realized i have an original PS2 Dual Shock 2, how hard is that to use?

Looked at the PS2 controller, they are revision A.

PS2 pads can be tricky to hack, but it’s doable. Check the pad hacking thread.

buy one from the user hozie. extremely cheap and well done.