Mas Pro Stick-Help Please

Hi,well the reason for this post is because I plan to buy a Mas Pro Stick that I saw, it is PS1 PS2 and DC which is cool for me cause I still play Mvc2, but now Im trying Kof XIII, and the only way I can play Kof is with a Happ( sorry sanwa fans), and I want to know if I can use the etokki PS2 to 360 converter with this stick?
or any other converter doesnt matter if i need a wired 360pad, is just that I don’t want to buy this stick and don’t use it with the 360,Im new at the forum so hope to place this thread where this belongs, and sorry for my bad english…I’m mexican :stuck_out_tongue:

The answer to that is probably. My experience in dealing with MAS sticks has been that they’re generally very converter friendly.

I just picked on of these up and I want to swap out the Happ 360 for a Sanwa JLF. Will the stock JLF mounting plate fit? Or will I need to buy a different mounting plate?

Thank you for hijacking

No, a Sanwa JLF will not fit where a Happ joystick fits by default because the 2 sticks are completely different in terms of construction.
Happ is made to be fitted into thick wooden paneling, while the Sanwa JLF was meant to fit into thinner materials like metal or plastic.

A different mount plate isn’t going to do it. You have to route out wood on the underside of the panel to make the JLF fit correctly or even redo the whole top panel.
A Sanwa JLW would be a better choice for installation into a arcade stick made for Happ, if you really want to go the Japanese part route.

I say a IL stick is a better replacement for a Happ stick, as they are identical in terms on installation, but the greater consensus of the fighting and arcade community is that IL is made better than Happ.