Mas pro stick questions with pics


hi I just order a MAS Pro Stick and I was wondering how good they are compare to the street fighter 4 TE or the Hori pro arcade sticks, I also want to know if any one will be wanted to customize it for me I want new templates I will pay you for your time. here are some pics

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures/IMAGE_053

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures/IMAGE_053

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures/IMAGE_048


sorry I really dont know how to post pics in here

sorry about the pics for some reason they are not coming up on the website


that is because you pasted the directory from your local PC lol


You deserve a medal for that. Upload them to Imageshack then link them. You cant just put references to your computer and expect them to show up on the forum.



wow I feel so stupid now oh well shit happens lol

here is the pics lol


It’s better than both of those if you’re looking for an American stick, like the old Street Fighter 2 cabinets from back in the day. Most people 'round these parts have moved on to Japanese sticks. I’ve played on Happ/Sanwa/Seimitsu and it’s really just a matter of preference.

The reference to your C drive is pure win.


yea am thinking about getting sanwa bottons and bat style joystick but his hard to find the parts for a decent price or place now that lizard lick is not open for orders :frowning:


This thread should help with that.


LMAO you made me spit my water out on my screen :bgrin: :bgrin: :bgrin:


Long turn around time, no QDs on buttons when something goes wrong, weird circuit board…

I’d skip and get a custom. It’s going to cost you a little more but if something goes wrong…


I also have the dead or alive hori arcade stick I hate it cuz it’s to small for me but may be I mod that one I see some people around here doing that to them


I own both MAS and TE sticks for the 360, and can honestly say that they are equal in functionality, though the buttons/joystick are a bit more stiff on the Pro Stick.


does it work for u been more stiff cuz sometimes my fingers hurts when I play to much with it


Yeah, it actually took me a couple weeks to break in the MAS stick, but at first, my fingers/hand got worn out after my SF4 sessions.


yea i got the one with the AMS competition buttons I think thats what my problem is i wish I gotten the convex buttons, which stick do u use more the TE or MAS


Right now, I switch off, so 50/50. Basically, when playing online I use TE (prefer square gate over octagonal), but when friends come over, I let them use the TE and myself, the MAS.


man lucky you I be u let them us the TE to be nice lol, if you win they cant say oh well u have the TE did you customize your MAS stick buy any chance


That’s right, I better not hear excuses from them, haha. I bought this one, but haven’t modded it yet:


you lucky bastard that $200 plus $150 for the TE you most be rich why did u got both of them any ways if you already had the TE I kinda want to repaint mine and put a new templates on them