MAS Stick Art Change?

Is there any way to change that nasty art on the MAS sticks? Has anyone done it?

It is possible. But it would be a PITA since the disconnects are soldered.

I’ve only seen one image of the template. I could email it to you. If your decent at photoshop you could manipulate that and get it lami-labeled at kinko’s.

An even bigger project would be to swap out the pcb and get a dualshock psx pcb with QDs. Then you could swap art and parts whenever you wanted too.

mas stick artwork

i too am looking for mas stick artwork. i’ve already modded the inside w/a ps1 controller, but i gave the cover a shitty paint job. do you have any sites that i can go to and dl pictures that will fit onto the stick. walgreens lost my cowboy bebop laminate after 2 months, so i’m looking anywhere else that’ll help.