MAS stick art request, images provided

An acquaintance is borrowing my MAS stick box and putting in newer parts. However, he does not like the plexi-glass that I’ve placed over the face of the case, since it makes the stick shorter, and alters the feel of the ‘throw’ and ‘engage’. Since we’re not that good with woodworking, routing the wood is sort of out of the question.

However, I like to see the potential good in any situation. Without the plexi-glass cover, he’ll have nothing protecting the face of the box through those long Marvel sessions. Without the cover, there will also be nothing holding down the existing piece of art. And I’ve been looking to put a new piece of art on that box any way. So, if someone could please make a stick art for us, I’ll have him go to Kinko’s or something and print it out as a sticker.

Since all of the arcade sticks that I’ve owned have had Roll featured in the art, I’d like to continue the tradition. I like loud designs. That is to say, art with lots of stuff going on, and lots of images incorporated. But, anything’s cool, so long as it prominently features Roll. Here’s some stuff that might help in the endeavor. If there’s more I could do to help the process along, please let me know.

Pretty much all Roll images that I could find

Roll sprites from MvC1

The stick template thread, with a MAS template

Thanks in advance.

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