Mas stick for sale

Hey everybody,

 My buddy in Albany has a Mas stick he's trying to sell for $100.  It hasn't been used much lately as he's been in Iraq.  But from what I remember it was good and he says its fantastic.  He's planning on taking a trip to P-town and Eugene before he takes off so you could try it then if you want to test it out.  Let me know.

Has it been recently stomped upon?

no. you can call him at 541-905-2662. His name is Nate.

i’ll take it

Theo - Val has been trying to get ahold of Nathan without any success. Since you started this thread, can you try and figure out what’s going on with Val’s purchase? He sent a money order already but Nathan isn’t picking up his phone?

If you have any Portland trips coming up, maybe you can stop by Nathan’s house and pick it up. Val would be grateful.

I was almost tickled by that one. You were THIS close!


I try, man.

Lord knows I try.

I’ll always remember that moment. I didn’t see it as much as felt it.

The entire fucking room went quiet.


Ya I’ll try and get ahold of him tomorrow to figure stuff out.

ok I just called and he’s not there. I don’t know what’s up. I’ll continue to try and get ahold of him. Sorry.

what ever it takes 2 get the job done.!?