MAS stick help!


Hey guys, have a MAS stick with a Xbox cord, but need it to be an Xbox360. What are my options, I know there is a converter out there, but its too expensive. Is modding it the right way to go, or are there other options!!


If it only has an Xbox connector then you’ll have the swap out the board inside with a 360 controller. There isn’t an Xbox to 360 adapter.


afraid of that…anyone have any info on how to do this…any guides would help that are out there.


I have a decent tutorial up. There’s also this for a MS controller.

Alternately people sell pre-hacked controllers for the 360. You could probably buy one for $40 or so.


Some great info! Thanks fsckyle!


Is it going to be a standalone 360 stick or a multi system stick?

This is what I did with my MAS, I had to mount that 360 PCB to the bottom board and remove the backing of the controller, I can take pics If you want.