MAS stick PCB

I have a MAS for PSX. I started wiring buttons to the pcb, but the pcb is labeled for a different system.

Can someone translate these for me, or at least link me to something that may help? I would greatly appreciate it.


My guess? Saturn.

I’m wondering what it translates to for psx, though. like…

r = x, c = square, etc…

I think that you need to check that BEFORE disconnecting the cables, not AFTER… :S
So you would know wich cable goes to what button…

Anyway, if you could post any photo, it would be more easy to help you :wink:

unfortunatly, thats impossible from where I am. I’m at work and soldering it at the same time, lol.

hahaa sorry then, I’ve never had a MAS before… and probably never will.
But I wanna copy the box design, so I want to ask you for a favor… :smiley:
Could you please post the measurements of the box?? Plz dude!!
I’m not very sure if those at internet are official :frowning:

yes, Ill measure them


ok here is the layout seeing how is its the old style big PCB

X Y Z R = [] /\ R1 R2
A B C L = X O L1 L2

I’m pretty sure, I know mas has undergone a whole lot of PCB revisions, but hoepfully thats the same way, Do you have a pic of the PCB?

thats it! thanks!