Mas Stick plexi glass?

well i’m thinking about art modding my Mas Stick and I’m wondering if there are any places that sells Mas stick layout? (you know like those from art hobbies)

Also if you have modded your Mas stick please share some knowledge and maybe post a few pictures of it :slight_smile: thanks

if its hard to mod, i guess i will just sell the stick…

i don’t think art has plexi’s for MAS
they went under too, so i don’t see the point.
If someone was good at getting an inches/cm measurment and figuring out what 0000 x 0000 picture dimensions that would translate too for printer size, you can make a mock up and have it printed to just screen it over.

i would go to a sign shop and have them do it on vinyl.
thats what i did with my arcade-in-a-box; i have to MAS sticks (old ones, snes/gen and 3DO) and if i could get the photo dimensions, thats the first thing i would do. i have both 6 button sticks.

check there, is that the kind you have?

thanks for your reply but I live on campus and we cant use megaupload but my Mas is the 8 button ps2 version. I’m thinking of covering up the first two button with the art so it would look a real arcade layout.

If you could get me a layout diagram, I could hand-cut you one. I’m making a 100% plexi stick (a top panel picture is in the custom stick thread), and I’ve got the right bits for both Happ and Japanese buttons.

…I’m wouldn’t be allowed to sell it yet though, so it would be kind of pointless.

Here’s a few I did. I had to do it by hand, not easy. Best advice I can give is take it slow and don’t remove the plastic protective film until you’re absolutely sure it’s finished. Also, get your base top panel measurements (length/width) and get 2 pieces of the same size. I went through a few before getting it down.

Freedom Fighter

I smoothed/rounded out the bottom edge with a hand file at a 45 degree angle very carefully.
Otherwise it can hurt your hand during play.

Adding the plexi to the MAS will make the top panel 3/4" deep (too short for the iL/Happ).
So I had to use a hand drill with a sand bit to file down for the proper height. I don’t own nice tools, or have a garage. This was a nightmare:tdown:

Back with plexi in order to house the Neutrik connections. BTW the design of the stick was to be American and obnoxious (not to be taken seriously:rofl:)

Pacman/Galaga 4-way stick
I also had to use small dark screws for the top plexi (not enough buttons to hold it down).

I used black marker along the top & bottom edge of the top plexi to hide the white edge, the back one is untouched.

wow seems like alot of work… i think it would be easier to use laminated art :-/
nice sticks btw kubebot. Would love to use your art, do u still have a digital copy of it?

Thanks! PM sent.