MAS stick, PS3 Perfect 360 in Pleasanton, CA


Have this for sale. Its the Super Nova supergun classic 6 button style, black overlay, black sides, black hardware. Looks really slick and it’s really well built.

Happ Perfect P360 Optical stick (the best!), convex Competition buttons, Cthulu PCB (Start+Select=Home), 15 ft USB cable.

Looking for $100 local pickup in Pleasanton, CA. I’d ship at the buyers expense, but it’d be quite an expense.

This is so much fun with online Marvel. Great for Super Turbo too. Give 'er a good home. Thanks for looking.


pics will help ur sale


would like to see pics as well.


third for pictures


Oh cool interest!

Here’s a quick pic from my cell. its this style.

hit me up!


Damn that looks good. Willing to trade sticks?


Sorry man, looking for speeding ticket money this time around :confused:

Also, noticed something weird. I have 0 feedback now, but I used to have a few (less than 10). I haven’t been in the market section since the forum moved, is this common? Could a mod help me out or something?

Well anyways, if anyone wants to see some references or feedbacks, I’ve got something like 80+ on the Neo Geo forums:
A number of those guys are members here too.


when they redid the new template/server it removed all feedback


damn dude, you’ve done 45 deals since then? crazy. thanks for the answer.

also, want to point out while i’m taking pics that theres a small chip in the wood on the bottom front right of the stick. really doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of it all though:

Also it just occured to me that I won’t be playing my TE for a while since my 360 red ringed a week or two ago. Its in good shape overall, I stuck it up with a bunch of stickers to cover that SF4 logo (haha!), should be easily removable
if you want to . The lower left face screw is missing, i think it can be replaced by calling madcatz. pulled the JLF for an LS-32-01, imo its twice as nice. Comes with a plexi cover from Art too so it will clean up really nice. No idea what the market is for these, so shoot me a fair offer.

Thanks again.