Mas stick, psx adapter to DC

I just ordered a MAs Capcom fighting style stick ps/ps2 6 button stick, and i was wondering when i use a psx to dc adapter will that alter the helper buttons or could i set them the way they are setup on a arcade cab?

What are the ‘helper’ buttons? I haven’t heard that term before. Any decent fighting game should allow you to remap the buttons to your liking.

I think it depends on the adapter you are using. I am using the EMS Total Control Plus, and by default it uses R1 and R2 for your Fierce and Roundhouse (or assist1 and assist2 in mvc2).

You can always change the control settings and save them on your VMU so when your DC loads up, the settings are automatically there.

My fault, i was in a rush and also speaking in terms of mvc2 controls for dreamcast

Ah, I gotcha. Capcom games will definitely allow you to remap the controllers. Go to the training mode any figure out what buttons the converter assigned. You should be able to get it sorted from there.

id hope so, because on my Hori fighting stick 2, my assist buttons for mvc2 were L1 assist 1 and r1 assist 2. And the L2 and R2 buttons couldnt be assigned to anything.