Mas stick repair

hi there im kinda new and looking through the forums on how to find and replace whatever is kinda hard in this forum.

i was wondering if u can tell me where to fix my stick? its really loose and really doesnt work anymore and if they can replace my bottons with japenese convex.
i was playing at a local arcade in santa anna california and this guy said that i could go to mas to fix my stick for like 20 bucks but i dont know where it is.

9311 kramer ave.
westminster, CA

i tried looking for that place and i couldnt find it. it was in the middle of bolsa which was little saigon asian town. looked around for like an hour and all i saw was banks and resteruants.

can anyone tell me where i can get to this location.


i have a mas stick by the way.


woops, you have their address already.

anyhow, why don’t you give them a call? i’m sure they can give you directions.

been trying to call them and they seem to never pick up must be bad luck or somthing:sad:

Mapquest. Anyway they moved and are located in a trailer park now. Send an e-mail over to the guys at, they are pretty close with the people at MAS. You may be able to get some info from them.

sweet thanx i think ill try that first thing tomorrow.

I am in the middle of a major MAS mod. I did exactly what you want to do, I replaced the bottons and stick. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is. THe thing with MAS is they solder but since you would have all new buttons you could just use disconnects.

yah i remoded my anneversary collection with new bottuns and joystick with disconnects working good until they fell out of place i need to solder them in. i bought the compitition from happ and it broke loose like in 4 weeks. which stick would u reccomend? ive been to like 3 arcades and all the sticks are like stiff and really good i dont know where to get it. people say its compitition but it doesnt feel like it.

It might be a Super joystick:

They are a lot stiffer than Competitions and outside of fighting games they are standard for most arcade cabinets (a lot of MAME cabs use them). They feel a lot different also because the microswitches they use have tabs that push microswitch instead of the actuator directly hitting them.

I haven’t used an Ultimate joystick before but I hear they are complete crap. A lot of people like Competition with the stiffer Super spring inside though.

Oops, I got the springs mixed up.

thanx! i was wondering because i play marvel if i was to purchase a super joystick and hook it up to my mas stick should i put it on 8-way or 4-way. i think ive always play with 8 way but does 4-way make any difference at all?

4-way means it won’t hit any of the diagonals (4-way as in 4 directions) so it will make a big difference. 4-way is meant for very old-school games that only go up, down, left, right like Pacman.

hmmmm… thats why that x-arcade machine wouldnt let me do anything on street fighter lol thanx…