MAS stick. Wood repair


I want to cover up three holes on my MAS stick. The hole size is 1 1/8 and the wood is MDF fiber board and its 3/4 inches thick. I was planning on using bondo or all purpose putty. What would be the best choice. Also would like your opinion for this type of work. Thank you all


I believe, and this is going to be a much less costly and work intensive option, that they make button plugs for American style buttons. Might want to consider that.


If you don’t want to use the button plugs, I’d get a scrap of MDF, cut it roughly the size of the hole and bondo that in place. It’ll be stronger and easier than bondo alone. Bondo alone would take a few applications.


@ nobus. Well I wanted to cover up the holes because I am going to isnatll fresh artwork on top and I dint want the holes to cover my artwrok.

@ Night walker. Good idea. Ill consider it.