Mas Stick - Xbox 360


I am new to joysticks. I have been playing MvC2 for the past 6 years and when I heard it was coming out on Xbox Live, I decided to get a joystick. I bought the SF IV Fighstick TE, not knowing what Sanwa was, and found that it’s definitely something I wouldn’t want to play MvC2 with. I much prefer the feel at my local arcade (Hawaiian Brians - Honolulu) which has a P360 stick and straight alined buttons. I remember hearing about Mas Sticks from random players in the arcade. I did some research on it and found that some people are saying the new P360s are not good like the old ones were. Does anyone have any input about getting a Mas Stick for MvC2 purposes on Xbox Live? Would it be better to get a custom stick from someone else? I also hear that P360’s have a tendency to break and are about $50 to replace. Do you think Mas Sticks might break easily?


If you can’t do the wiring to build a custom, the MAS is a great choice. Built real solid with the weight that you need for a p360 and for mashing out of hyper gravs. I doubt anything in there would break very quickly.

There are a lot of issues with the new p360s, they’ll work fine for the first few weeks and then it becomes painfully obvious that Happ cut a lot of corners when they took over the p360. If you want your p360 to work as well as the old ones that are at your arcade, you will most likely need to replace a lot of the internals:

Don’t know where you heard that p360s break easily, from what I’ve heard and seen they’re built like a tank. Ask your arcade operator, the p360s that are in those cabinets are probably the ones they bought when they first opened up :rofl:

I would personally wait a bit until there is more information on the official sticks that are being released for MvC2 before doing anything… you wouldn’t want to spend $220 on this only to find out MadCatz is producing a stick that’s just as good for $50 less

just wanted to put my 2 cents in …

i converted 2 of my friends mas sticks a few weeks ago to work on xbox360 and ps3. the stocking wiring on the inside of that thing is a joke, i was shocked that it came from mas the way it did.

also, the angle of the top surface of the joystick i felt was way too angled, to the point that it made my wrists hurt after simply testing out his after i wired them up. well they didn’t hurt but it was not comfortable.

also, the 4 buttons in a row seemed to get my hands out of allignment.

this was all while playing sf4.