MAS Super Nova/Super Pro stick Wanted


Hi. Not sure if this is the right place for this. I am looking to an MAS Super Nova/Super Pro stick. I want a 8 or 9 button lay out convex with the happ perfect 360 preferably. Any system would be OK. If you guys know who is willing to sell one at reasonable price please pm me or post a reply. Thanks to all


It’s not, try the trade forum


You’re going to need 50 posts before being able to use the Trading Outlet.


I thought that rule was only for WTS and WTT threads? If you’re able to trade I have a MAS stick I’ll sell.


Wow 50 post. No wonder I couldnt find any place to or barter.


To Mr. Veikuri

unfortunately I cant trade. I need 50 post. But I am interested in your Mas Joystick. What system is it for. Does it have convex buttons and how many buttons. I would like 6 across (american style). Also, Does it have the perfect 360 joystick. Thank you