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We recieved full permission from Kyle to make this thread

**Welcome to the MAS Systems Official Thread. In this thread you can: ask questions about our products, purchase from us, or just give us feedback on anything at all related to our merchandise or company. However, I?ll do my best to already answer a couple of these questions down below.

Which consoles do you currently make controllers for?**
We make controllers for pretty much everything. Here?s a list of a couple of the popular ones:
? PS2 (works with PS1)
? PS3 (which is PS2 with an adaptor; this means if you buy the PS3, your controller will work for PS2 and PS1, all in one controller)
? PC
? X-Box 360
? GameCube
? Dreamcast
? Neo-Geo
? Supernova
And so on.

Do you offer different sized controllers?
Short answer: Full size and mini size (See below for pictures).
We manufacture both a full sized controller, as well as a mini sized controller. The main difference for the controllers: full sized controllers are more often used for tabletop purposes, which means you play with the controller sitting in front of you, not on your lap. The mini sized controller was made for the purposes of having a lighter version to place on your lap while you owned it up, sitting back into your couch or however you wished to play. Also, if your wondering, the mini version can compete just as well with a full size version, it’s merely based on which one you feel suits your playing style better.

How much are your controllers?
Our controllers have a starting price of $115 for both sizes. However, the X-Box 360 has a different starting price of $170.

How much are the PCB’s/PIC’s?
We no longer use PCB’s for our controllers, and we do not sell the PIC’s by themselves.

Why does the X-Box 360 start at $170? Can I have it added to my old joystick?
It starts at $170 because the engineering behind it is a lot more difficult and labor intensive. Also, because of the way it?s made, the X-Box 360 cannot be added to an existing controller. You would have to purchase the X-Box 360 controller as your starting console, and then add more systems to that controller from there on.

Can I add more than one system to my controller? How much is it?
You can add as many systems as you would like all into one controller. The way this works cost-wise is once you decide to purchase a controller at the starting price of $115, you can then add an additional system for $40, unless you want the PS3, which is only an additional $20. Please be aware that the X-Box 360 is different in this respect. The X-Box 360 has a starting price of $170, and it cannot be added to a pre-existing controller. The only way to have multiple console with the X-Box 360 is by purchasing the X-Box 360 controller from the very start. From there, you can add on as many consoles as you want.

Will I be able to add systems later on/after I purchase the controller? Can I ship it back and/or stop by to have it done?
Definitely! A lot of people will do this, actually. You shouldn’t have to buy a separate stick for every console you own. If you would like to just ship your order back to us, please make sure that you include a note inside explaining what you want in as much detail as possible; be sure to include personal information as well. If you need a format to follow, use the one at the bottom, but instead of explaining your order in detail, explain what you want added to the controller. Usually it’s not a problem, but please make sure that your writing is also legible (easy to read), as that could pose some obvious problems. Alternatively, you could also drop on by and have it worked on right then and there, but please make sure you call in before doing this, as we can’t ensure that we will time to work on your controller with all the other orders we have to work on! If you’re lucky enough though, you may end up waiting anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours depending on what you want added in i.e. just one console as opposed to multiple consoles (please read the restrictions for X-Box 360 being added in).

What if I just want to purchase a case? How much are they?
We offer just plain empty cases for sale for both the full sized controller and the mini one. The full size case is $60 and the mini size case is $50. The X-Box 360 case is $65. Please keep in mind that shipping and handling still apply depending on your location, and in which way you choose to have it shipped

I purchased your case because I?d like to build the controller on my own, but if I have any questions on how to build it, will you help me out?
Unfortunately, we cannot help you out due to the fact that we are a business and we sell a certain product. It wouldn?t make sense for us to sell our product to those who bought it rightfully so, and then for us to turn around and help you build our product for yourself.

What kind of parts do you use for your controllers?
Traditionally, we have only used Happ parts in our controllers, and that?s what our engineer is used to working with as well. For this reason alone and also due to the fact that I only handle sales, it is not my decision on which parts can be used. Although, EvilSamurai did suggest shining some light on the subject of changing which parts we use (quoted below), which I have yet to look into as of right now, but I will definitely bring it up to the engineer.

Will I be able to customize my order? How so?
You can definitely customize your order to way you would like, but there are some restrictions to how far we can do this. You can customize the color/type of your buttons, you can also customize the color of the sides, as well as the type of joystick. There are a couple choices you have which I’ll add in later in more detail. The T-molding is a standard black. We can do any custom faces that you would like, so long as you give us the picture you want! You have three options for the face: a black face which isn’t fully black, a fully black face, or a white face.

Please note that the all black mini controller with blue buttons is a special order for one of our dealers, and we cannot make that exact one for you. Its purpose is to show the all black face.

Do you guys have any blank templates that I can use?
Short version:We’re releasing blank templates of our controller layouts. Keep checking the original post as they should be up within the next day or so.

Long version: Just a heads up for anyone who may be interested. Traditionally, MAS Systems has been hesistant to allow others to use our templates for customizing their own face, but I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding blank templates lately. I’ve talked this over with the engineer, who I wouldn’t have expected to be very interested, but as it seems, because of the direct feedback that I receive from you guys, I’ve managed to successfully persaude him into providing you all with a template! Expect a file to be available for use within the next day or so on the original post. Thanks for all the great feedback and questions everyone! Remember, you’re always free to ask me any question at all, or suggest something you would like to see from MAS Systems. We always appreciate the feedback we receive, and the buyer’s interest is of the utmost importance to us. Thanks for your time.

*We do ask that you refrain from using anything copyrighted (unless it’s okay to do this like with streetfighter or other things that I’m not aware of), only fan-based art or something that isn’t copyrighted, or just create your own, but now you will have an exact template to work with. Thanks for your interest in MAS controllers! *

How do I pay? How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?
Payments can be made through PayPal to and shipping will depend on the buyer’s location. We do ship internationally. TAX IS INCLUDED IN THE COST.

What if I live within the area/I’m local, can I pick it up in person and/or pay by cash instead?
If you’re within the area/local, you are more than welcome to save yourself the cost of shipping and pick it up in person. You can also choose to pay by cash as well (a lot people have shown to like this method the most as it’s both quick and easy).

You haven’t mentioned anything about accepting cards, why is that?
Not enough customers actually paid by card, and over the years it was always the same. The card service charges a monthly fee in order for us to just have the machine there to accept cards regardless of whether or not it’s used (it just wasn’t being used, so we got rid of it). I’m sorry if this poses as an inconvenience to any of you, but you can still use PayPal, which is highly recommended, or pay by cash if you’re local! Thanks for understanding.

Just when exactly will I be receiving my order? How come the orders aren’t always finished and received within the expected time?
Your order should ship within 2-3 weeks, and it also depends on how fast you want it shipped. I understand that it can be frustrating to not recieve your order on the expected time of arrival, however you must remember that MAS Systems is only run by mainly one person who handles several orders day in and day out. Our engineer works tirelessly to make sure that each and every order is built with 110%.

Hmm… will I be able to check up on my order then?
You will most certainly be able to check up on the status of your order! We will never hide anything from the buyer.

I’m sold, how do I go about buying one?
You can either call our phone number directly (714) 839 9770, or contact me through a PM with the following format. However, it is highly reccomended that you use the format below, or something similar to it. It just makes it easier to process/finalize your order, and things do go a lot quicker that way. It also helps to ensure that we can stay organized with our orders, instead of trying to keep track of a single order over multiple messages. No offense to anyone who has already done that, it’s just preferred that we have things more organized! Thanks a lot!

You can also PM me for any questions, comments, or concerns.

  • MAS Systems

P.S. We are fully aware of the fact that our phone seems to be having a lot of trouble with receiving calls, however you can still place an order either through here or through a PM. I?ll be able to get you set up just the same.

I’m still curious though… why is this in the wrong forum? How do we know if you’re legitimate or not?
If you’re still wondering why this thread was made in the Tech Talk forum and not the Trading Outlet, it’s because I was unable to get set up in the Trading Outlet due to strict rules and regulations. But with the help of Kyle and other supporters, I was able to set up a shop here. It’s all legitimate, and I have already verified who I am with Kyle as well. I hope that answered any remaining confusion there may have been. Thanks for your time.

There are a lot of other questions that have been answered throughout the thread. Please take the time to briefly search through before asking a similar question!

BLANK TEMPLATES ARE AVAILABLE NOW!! See below! You may notice that these are full size templates, but they work just the same for mini ones. Also, just in case you’re wondering, your picture should go beyond the bolded black border/frame (you can delete the black border if you want.), but the main parts of your picture should not touch the sides. This is because some of the sides are lost in the the process of fitting the design onto the controller, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’m guessing it would be around a quarter of an inch to half an inch.

6 button layout (REGULAR)

8 button layout (REGULAR)

6 button layout (XBOX 360)

8 button layout (XBOX 360)

Did MAS go out of business?

Greatest, Thread we’ve had in forever.


Uh , You’ve been a member for a week?


what are the payment and how much is shipping


But ive been a lurker for years.

I think he listed the prices
$115 for both sizes. However, the X-Box 360 has a different starting price of $170.


Payments can be made through PayPal, and shipping depends on location of the buyer. We do ship internationally.

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are you legit? in the past i always thought mas was run by a guy and his wife.


I think that’s his son, But he’s legit, Kyle approved him as legit.


I’m their son, and I’ll be handling online orders. They thought it would be nice to do something online, as our phone lines haven’t been the best way to contact us.

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Excellent, I think everyone who’s been on the fence about getting their sticks from MAS directly will be glad to be able to communicate with the folks who run the operation through SRK.

I think the original post should be updated with info regarding turnaround time/when to expect their sticks, etc. There have been numerous threads about the speed at which MAS works and I think it’d be best to address it here so people can better gauge the waiting factor.

Also, switching to iL parts would be killer.


Can you sell only pcb/PIC for Dreamcast? i think Shipping for a full MAS stick to Chile will be quite expensive =/ (>50 USD)


Unfortunately, we do not sell the PIC’s by themselves, sorry. The post office does tend to be cheaper than the other alternatives though.

Thanks for the input! I tried to answer that issue as best as I could in the original post.

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Glad I picked up the phone :smiley: and cool to see you guys got your own thread going.

BTW this thread should get mentioned in the VS. threads.


Thanks a lot for all your support :). Which threads are the VS threads?

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ive never heard of this brand before. What is the difference between these and the MadCatz TE or Hori 3 Pros? Are these meant for different style games other than Fighters?

and what makes these an essential buy over a TE or Hori? Id like to know its secret.


If you weren’t already aware, Marvel VS. Capcom players (most of them anyway) swear by american sticks and buttons (Happ/iL). I’d guess UMK3 players could be interested too.
The only “VS” game this rule doesn’t apply to is the Capcom VS. SNK games, at least not for the same reasons as Marvel.

Marvel VS. Capcom 3

Marvel VS. Capcom 2

Tatsunoko VS. Capcom


Is there a chance that MAS will include the option to install a Cthulhu board?

The official Cthulhu/ChImp board thread


Hi Bertross, thanks for stopping by. MAS Systems has been around for over 20 years, producing some of the highest quality arcade controllers out there. What distinguishes us from the rest of the controllers out there in the market is the fact that we use high quality wood, and arcade components much like the ones you will find at a public arcade.

Our controllers were built specifically for fighting games, which is why we strive to use only the highest quality materials when building our controllers. We made sure that our controllers could withstand the wear and tear of many years of fighting games.

What specifically makes these essential over any other controller is the fact that since we use such high quality wood for our controllers, they are very sturdy on a flat surface. The full sized controller is great for having the controller in front of you or on a tabletop. We made sure you wouldn?t have to worry about unintentionally or accidentally shifting your controller around while trying to pull off a combo; it stays firmly where you place it. Alternatively, we also offer the lighter weight version which is the mini sized controller. It?s very easy to manage and it’s also pretty portable too. A lot of people enjoy this version because they can set it on their lap, and even then, it still won?t move around as much, and you can maintain the control of your movements, all while having it on your lap. That?s why MAS sticks are so great.

To sum it up for you, we?re known to have very sturdy, wooden controllers that won?t move around while playing fighting games. You won?t have to worry about slowing down or controlling your movements so much. And a lot of people just like the feeling of wood over the alternatives.

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Is MAS an acronym for something?
I always wonder.


Multi Arcade Systems