Mas vs madcatz


Tryin to buy a stick which one it better for american style

madcatz has that weird ball joystick and mas has the bowling pin style that I like

can anyone give me a comparison???


Mas=american style

Madcatz=jap style

that pretty much says it all. if you want american go with mas.


if you have access to a T5 cab you can go feel how the sanwa parts feel… if u like the way the bat handled sticks feel but you like the jlf you can buy an adapter and bat top that will work with the sanwa parts.


in the world of street fighter Madcatz and japanese sticks/parts win, but in mvc2 MAS wins without a doubt… I played street fighter 4 on my mas stick it doesn’t feel as responsive as my Madcatz SE stick and that stick is crap until i modded it.


Why do you think the MAS stick is better for MvC2?



Dat unfly, dat romfinite, dat ahvb, dat hail storm, dat mashing, dat refly, dat mahvel


Is MAS still around? You might wanna go with Arcade In A Box for an American stick.


anyone else tried using mas for sf4???

more feedback please…i tried japanese style sticks and dont really like the square layout


x-arcade is the best for sf4 !!!

ok, seriously, it doesnt matter what style stick you use for sf4. I personally can use both american and jap style to the best of my ability. A suggestion though, if you happen to like the japanese parts, but not the square-ish feeling, you can buy a octogonal restrictor plate which would give it a much rounder feeling.