MAS xbox360

I know that there is a 9-button super pro stick available for the x360 and PC. Is it possible to get one compat. w/ ps2, x360, and DC? If so, where? I’ve looked at a lot of websites and can’t find one.

SIDE NOTE: What happened to MAS systems website, is it comming back up? Does anyone have their phone number, that would help me a lot. Thanks.

Any stick for 360 should work on a PC with the right drivers. is on source, Trading Outlet should be another.

Sure. Required some know-how, but definitely possible. UPCB is one way, and the ‘2 pcb’s in one stick’ thread goes over how to do it without a UPCB.

You asked if it was POSSIBLE. I don’t know of any stick makers who use UPCBs in the sticks they sell, and that combination is a lot of custom work. Read the ‘How to buy a custom stick’ stickie in the trading outlet. This is Tech Talk. We discuss how to do it. If you want to know ‘Who can do it for me?’ you need to hit Trading Outlet.

Dude, no one answered the first time, and your thread was closed by a mod. Lots of ‘Where’d MAS go?’ threads have been popping up all over, including ones saying the telephone number got disconnected. Read those, do some googling, try to find them yourself. If you can’t, they probably don’t want your business.

And I’m pretty damn sure they couldn’t do the multi system stick you’re wanting anyways.

"Sure. Required some know-how, but definitely possible. UPCB is one way, and the ‘2 pcb’s in one stick’ thread goes over how to do it without a UPCB. "

What is a UPCB and a PCB. I’m not very tech savy. Would it require me to take apart the stick and all of that?

Btw, thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

you could get a mas stick that you could use on multiple systems. they just charged extra for each system you wanted beyond they first one. but since mas looks like they went awol, best bet is to buy a HRAP and get converters for the systems you want.

Everyone appreciate the will to help, but c’mon now.

  1. MAS multisystem sticks never supported xbox360. The 360 sticks they did make used hacked controllers and were not multisystem.
  2. There is no converter that will let an HRAP play on a 360. (outside of possible hand made custom adapters, might you might as well buy a second stick cause it’ll cost the same.)

Umm, no. Just don’t. Don’t try to build your own stick, dont try to learn how to hack your own, just go to Trading Outlet, post up what you’re looking for, describe the stick as best you can, and hope one of the makers feels up to the challenge. Just a 360 stick, lotsa people are making those nowadays, and you’ll be just fine with that. If you really want all three systems, expect the price to double or triple, but that’s the price you pay for custom mod jobs. Go. Questions in Tech Talk can’t help you. Find someone you can pay to do it for you, and Trading Outlet is the best spot for that. is another source. You don’t need a stick to have all three PCBs, just do a ps2/360 and get a converter from ps2 to dc. I’m pretty sure someone makes those.

So let me get this straight; I can’t get an xbox360/ps2/DC compat. stick unless I want to pay a lot of money for a custom. Also, if I get an x360 stick, it can’t be compat with anything else except the x360 (unless I pay a shitload of money).

Are you saying there is a super pro stick that is both ps2 and x360 compat. without some expensive customization? Because the only super pro stick I can find is a one that’s PC and x360 compat. (

And I don’t want a converter because they cost a lot of money.

So what do I do?

in short: you won’t get what you want unless you pay a significant amount of money.

and, converters don’t cost nearly as much money as sticks do.

Well, most importantly, it needs to be x360 compat. The only reason I want it to be DC compat. is because of MvC2 and I only want ps2 for Street Fighter aniversary edition.

I think I heard about SF aniversary comming to xbox, is it a good port? Also, is MvC2 comming to xbox? That would solve everything.

Both SFAE and MvC2 went to the original xbox years ago and both are BC on the 360 though MvC2 plays very poorly on there. Thinking about it I am actually not 100% on SFAE being BC, someone else can say for sure.

C’mon Ed giving business away like that how could you lol.

It is BC

Ha. Well, I just don’t have the time to do something custom like that and figured gopodular would be a good solution for this person :).

You should buy and reroute the massystems domain name when it expires in a little over a week. :woot:

Haha, that’s cold.

Serioulsy though, I would prefer not to be associated like that. People might go to the domain and think mas has turned into aiab. With long wait times that mas has had lately, and bad feedback, I would prefer to stay clear. Kind of like the whole slikstik debacle :).

well, I already have a ps2 MAS super pro stick. I wish I also made it DC compat., is there a good ps2 to DC converter? Can you please link me directly to it because I have searched a lot and cannot find one.

I think I’ll just buy the street fighter 4 stick when it comes for my x360.

10 seconds to seach on ebay.

I don’t know how good it is, but you can probably find some information on it by searching the name of the product in google.

Yeah, go for the Total Control Plus. It’s the best PSX-to-DC adapter that’s still available. You can get it from Play-Asia for cheap like I did.

Sweet, thanks. Yeah I just searched this forum for it and everyone thinks it’s the best way to go, plus it’s used at Evo. Although, I heard it may not work with MAS sticks.

Btw, what does PSX mean? Both ps1 and ps2?

No offense, but you’re really not trying. There is a converter thread in the stickies. It’s still on page one for crying out loud.